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~ safe travels to Gatlinburg and back

~ time to celebrate life with dear friends

~ use my powers (humor, storytelling) for good

~ the most precious moments are the small quiet ones 
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~ finding the grateful necklace after months of missing status

~ water cresting at 36 feet and not 41 feet

~ deep sleep

~ roadtrip in two days

~ finding the shuffle player in time for the trip

~ feeling in sync with music again

~ getting to share the meaningful music with a meaningful person

~ looking forward to another Indigo Girls concert
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I leave in 10 hours for the first chunk of my new work program. 

I'll just state that I need (and will continue needing) the love and support of my friends, especially for the next three weeks.

So if you're thinking of me, send me a note - remind me of the good things, the happy things, or anything that you think will keep me connected to you, to home, to the things that I love.
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~ october

~ San Francisco

~ patty griffin

~ Ralph Stanley

~ meeting and talking at the grove

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~ being in a conference room with 12 people who understand my work

~ learning cool stuff

~ lunch with a new-to-me colleague

~ easy flights

~ about 100 pages of a good book

~ following the Dalai Lama on twitter

~ being home
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~ waking with no sleep hangover

~ having emergency luna bar for breakfast

~ finding work place easily

~ familiar faces

~ lots of learning and asking good questions

~ lunch that I haven't had since I was little

~ knowing that four important people met at 11 today

~ more cider

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~ talk

~ soft rain

~ "puff pastry" lip gloss

~ 28 miles to the gallon

~ safe flights

~ fabulous hotel

~ cider with dinner

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 ~ funding for travel orders

~ cinnamon pecan oatmeal

~ the pleasure's in the knitting
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~ safe travels

~ waiting: confessions of a waitress

~ kitties
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~ cold diet coke

~ packing enough underwear

~ 10 hour workday

~ hope for tomorrow

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~ only 10 hour workday

~ lobster roll and lobster bisque

~ linguini with shrimp in scampi sauce

~ walking weather

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~ cheddar twist and blueberry muffin

~ easy drive to and from work site

~ lobstah with a dear friend

~ took the canolli

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~ finding cinnamon crunch bagel for breakfast

~ easy ride to the work site

~ someone shared (much needed) sunscreen

~ found my favorite seafood restaurant across the street
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~ safe travels
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~ no sunburn!

~ buttered noodles with chicken for lunch

~ MOLLY!!!

~ safe flights

~ being home with kittays

~ finding the lilith finale song uploaded to youtube
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~ free upgrade to first class on short flight

~ MOLLY!!!
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~ safe flight

~ quick turnaround on travel voucher

~ Ford time

~ kitty love

~ new season of Project Runway

~ 36 hours to MOLLY
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Finished (without qualification) the work in Boston area.
30 projects screened in 20 work days (with review and edit work on top of that) and 8 days of traveling back and forth.


Also, procured 4 Brandi Carlile general admission tickets and a front row table for the October concert in Fayetteville.

So I am in a semi-calm state for the moment. Headed to old Boston for the evening to see some historic stuff and find supper.

Fly again tomorrow (allgedly). Hope to be home by 3:30.
Looking forward to time on the couch with the stuff I love.

And next week I can deal with being put in charge of a new work committee.
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yay for not doing much on Friday and Saturday, aside from laying on the couch, doing laundry, playing bejeweled blitz, and reading New Moon

This morning, arrived at the airport to find a large group of unhappy travelers at my gate. They were scheduled for the 7:something flight to Atlanta, and their plane had not yet left Wichita at 9:15. Our 10:10 flight to Atlanta plane arrived, and they bumped those poor people to another gate to wait for their Wichita plane.

Flight was unremarkable - aside from my voracious reading of New Moon (I was getting to the Italy chapters). I don't remember my seat mate - aside from the book she was reading (My Sister's Keeper).

My travel buddy and I did a very quick transit to the next gate, thinking we were going to just arrive in time to board. We both confused the takeoff time 1:51 for 1:15 (folies a deux?).

Second flight.. I had window seat on 3-seat side. Travel buddy was assigned middle seat. Strange man on aisle seat. The bulkhead row in front of us had an empty window, so travel buddy moved up a row. I finished New Moon just in time for the drink cart, where aisle man ordered two beers. I napped intermittently for the next two hours, to see that my aisle guy hadn't stopped drinking. I think he drank 4 during the flight, but it may have been 6.

Travel buddy and I walked to the baggage claim, and couldn't figure out where our bags would be. Philadelphia airport not great in the information dissemination. We walked around the carousels until we found other people we recognized from our flight. Retrieved bags and walked to ground transportation area. Once again, little information on where to go. Most airports have commercial shuttle vans that have airport ticket counters or line up outside. This airport had a desk with two people who asked for a first name, gave a little numbered slip, and told you to pick up the phone to call the van company.

When we did go outside to the van, the driver was just bizarre. Travel buddy just shrugged, and we climbed onto the first bench row. Eventually and nice Indian family joined the party (second bench and third bench). Then a blond lady. Then a large black man. Then a college-age boy. Then a large white lady. Then somehow the driver figured out that the large black man wasn't supposed to be on our van. The cb thing wasn't working well. The driver's cell phone rang multiple times. When we did get on the road, his driving was erratic. The large white lady asked him how to get to New York, and he told her to take the Chinese bus. My readings of derspatchel and the Fung Wah made me start laughing and shaking my head. (Check out my memories to find derspatchel's post. So Funny.) Indian family got out at a townhouse. College-age kid got out at a dance school - planning on learning ballet and teaching hip-hop. Large lady got out down the street from us - planning to spend the week looking at Philadelphia public housing. Travel buddy and I agreed to take a cab back to the airport.

Checked into room to smell nasty old smoke and musty ick. Went back to the desk to request another room. Changed rooms and met travel buddy for supper. We walked a block and ate at a seafood place that I love in San Francisco. Menu had a thick cut pork chop with SMOKED GOUDA MAC & CHEESE. Easy choice.

Now back in the room. Slightly worrying about this week's schedule. Missing my critters. (Why do they have to be extra snuggly right before I have to leave? It's really not fair.)
Thinking about what I want to do for the holiday, if anything.


Jun. 16th, 2009 09:23 pm
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I finished yesterday's work at 5.20 this afternoon.

I herded my ducks to supper and back to the hotel.

I am half a day behind on my work.

I am exhausted.


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