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I leave in 10 hours for the first chunk of my new work program. 

I'll just state that I need (and will continue needing) the love and support of my friends, especially for the next three weeks.

So if you're thinking of me, send me a note - remind me of the good things, the happy things, or anything that you think will keep me connected to you, to home, to the things that I love.

self-care ?

Sep. 7th, 2010 12:57 pm
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Question: do you regularly schedule or engage in self-care?

Please tell me.

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from [ profile] aroraborealis -

The German word funktionslust refers to the pleasure of doing what one is made to do, or what one does best, as the pleasure of a bird flying, for example, or a cheetah running or a monkey swinging branch to branch.

What is your funktionslust? What pleases you in itself and as a thing that is essentially a part of who you are?


As I noted in her comments that many people asked her to name her own - I'll save you, gentle reader, from asking that.
I'll edit this post to add my ideas later.
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You've got a gnome that can grant an experience wish.
Whatever type of experience you want (think like Make a Wish without the sick children).
No financial limit - must be something for you (not for your Grandma or your Uncle Erwin - though others can be invited to enjoy the experience).
No raising people from the dead, or breaking laws of physics.

What's your wish?


Indigo Girls in my living room. Concert for me and close Indigo-loving friends. Whatever I want on the track list, some songs twice.


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