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it was good

I made chicken avocado salad
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I had a full week back at work, with a training trip to Louisville, Kentucky on Monday through Wednesday. I had the first post-spring-break class on Thursday. Saturday had a yard sale, yard work and house washing with momma and RB, and a very disappointing square dance jubilee down in Pine Bluff.

Today, I'm doing some work (big project has review comments and corrections due tomorrow), baking (cinnamon struesel coffee cake), and trying to satisfy a squawky black and white kitty.

I'm tired, even napping for a few hours yesterday and having decent (but short) sleep last night.

My dvr is filling up with tons of stuff that I just don't feel like watching.
I need to call the doctor tomorrow. One bottle of medicine ran out yesterday, and even though I could renew the current prescription, it's the wrong dosage. Foo. I thought I was more on top of this kind of stuff lately.

I'm loving the changes to my back yard. I need to give away the canopy/gazebo. If you want it, it is free. You just need to be able to break it down and transport it. I'm looking for a big tilting umbrella as the solution to my patio glider problem.
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called the doctor's office for a med checkup on Friday (no refills until I have an office visit)

called the roofer regarding hail damage from June 30 - they'll check it out tomorrow

called the garage door fixer - will have service person come on Friday

emailed cat coordinator at Central Arkansas Rescue Effort to thank her and foster dad (again) for giving me Kaye and Indy (nee Striper) two years ago today

procured "pc stereo headset" for practicing stuff on the computer (me looking much like the lady from the MCI commercials from the mid 80's or maybe Janet Jackson from her Control tour)

earned substantial performance award to be split between base salary increase and bonus check

checked enrollment for spring class - up to 8 students

shredded all applicable material that was piled on the kitchen table (still working on the kitchen bar)

used my last "free 12 pack" coupon and a $5 off $75 coupon at Target, but forgot to use my $10 gift card

found holiday cards in the garage

procured Wii Carnival game from Misshay through Nita

fell off wagon of my cranky ass project, four days and I fold

getting husky voice like Fast Girls from Mount Pilot

looking forward to Christmas Karaoke tomorrow night at the Legion
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noticed that my flickr page was hit 68 times yesterday - who discovered my flickr photos, and looked at all of the pictures? leave a comment if you're reading this too

bought a new car, Mazda3, graphite

bought rose-gold swirly earrings - according to the post office they were processed in Las Vegas post office on Thursday

got a massage - made some phone calls and found my favorite massage person at a little shop in West Little Rock - 1 hour of glorious relaxation followed by a quiet evening on the couch with kitties

saw a really excellent documentary (Warrior Champions) with [ profile] pearlbeachlady as part of a fundraiser for the Clinton School of Public Service - won two tickets from the Little Rock Film Festival

finished a major goal of my current workload (chapter 3 is out for agency technical review), and have a half-strategy for the seemingly insurmountable pile of work still on the desk

at the point in the semester when I am tired of going to class, even though the subject matter is my favorite (macro!)

filling my new U-Verse dvr with movies on the Sundance channel

reading Stroke of Insight and (pardon the pun) gaining some amazing insight into the way the left and right brains work

emailed two people, regarding becoming a volunteer for the screening committee for the documentary film festival - something I've wanted to do for years - got a response from one of the two, saying my message would be forwarded to the festival and film programming director

starting to think about making a trip to DC next year to visit MOLLY!!! - and will be timing it to match the Lilith Fair concert date, yet to be announced

looking forward to knit nite - even if I'll be grading quizzes
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Ree Drummond, also known as The Pioneer Woman, will be signing her cookbook at the Chenal Walmart today at 6pm.
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This weekend I participated (again) in the Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) program sponsored by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation.

In June (while in Boston to be more specific) I printed out the online application, wrote out a check, and ReallyReallyReally hoped that I would be accepted to the program.  I'm a repeat attender (no, not offender) and my acceptance is totally determined by the number of "newbies" who apply between June 15 and July 14.  While on another trip, my acceptance letter arrived, to much wriggling, dancing, and shrieking.

BOW is a special world for women that exists three days per year.  In those three days, everyone has a concerted enthusiastic supportive push for women participating in outdoor activities. Instructors are carefully chosen for their knowledge, enthusiasm, and inspirational interaction with the women. There are more than 20 courses to choose, and four time slots to fill in the three day schedule.  There's lots of shtuff - cups, magnets, lip balm, state nature guide books, water jugs, t-shirts, and then lots of class-related stuff.

(And now that I've lost the last half of this post twice, despite LJ promising me that it has autosaved, I'll just insert some pictures and try writing more later.)
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I got accepted into Becoming an Outdoors Woman!

I even got my first choice sessions (Intro to Firearms, Dutch Oven Cooking, Pioneer Woman Skills, and Shotgunning).
I get to share the experience with [ profile] pearlbeachlady .


I got four tickets and a front row table for Brandi Carlile concert in Fayetteville in October.  I have fallen hard for Ms. Brandi since she opened for the Indigo Girls in Little Rock last summer.  And who is opening for her?  AMY RAY.
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Finished (without qualification) the work in Boston area.
30 projects screened in 20 work days (with review and edit work on top of that) and 8 days of traveling back and forth.


Also, procured 4 Brandi Carlile general admission tickets and a front row table for the October concert in Fayetteville.

So I am in a semi-calm state for the moment. Headed to old Boston for the evening to see some historic stuff and find supper.

Fly again tomorrow (allgedly). Hope to be home by 3:30.
Looking forward to time on the couch with the stuff I love.

And next week I can deal with being put in charge of a new work committee.
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My favorite fall activity will open registration on Monday, June 15.

I can not even come close to saying all the wonderful things that I get from participating in Becoming an Outdoors Woman weekends.  (This from a girl who really hates being outside.)

The BOW website has the weekend schedule up now

Registration download will be available on Monday.

If you're a first time participant, you are first in line when they process the applications.  You have a month to send in your registration form and $185 before they open the field to the groupies.

And for those who aren't in Arkansas, your state also has BOW weekends
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I'm going.

Who else wants to go?

9am UALR University Theatre. Lasts about 2 hours.
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Chocolate Obsession,
Sunday, February 8

Simple Soups
Sunday, February 22

Chicken Essentials
Sunday, March 1

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If you're interested in any/all, let me know

% Saturday, Jan 10 - African Caribbean dance group taught by Sister Ife, former member of professional African Ballet troupes. All skill levels welcome, free, but donations appreciated. 4pm UALR Wesley Center. 960-4461

%Saturday, Jan 10 - Full Moon Drum Circle - 7pm, free, Faulkner County Library, 1900 Tyler Street, Conway 327-7482

% June 24 - July 12  Wicked: A New Musical, Orpheum Theatre, Memphis. Tickets on sale April 17.

%Tuesdays, Bellydance lessons, Unity Church, 6 to 7 pm. Price probably $10/class.
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Saturday, 31 January

Ira Glass speaks for an hour with 30 minute QA at the Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville.

Tickets range from $20 to $40.

Who's interested?


Dec. 22nd, 2008 07:28 am
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Thank you to my fabulous circle of close friends who helped me celebrate solstice with laughter and apple dumplings.
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I love Big Smith.  They're a bluegrass/folk/hillbilly music group based from the Ozarks.  I met them at the Documentary film festival a few years ago, and they make my heart very happy.  I just learned that they're playing the Revolution Room tonight at 9 pm in the River Market.  Tickets are $8, but I'll gladly pay for the tickets so I can have some company.  Anyone want to go with me?
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seen in yesterday's paper

Craft guild. The Arkansas Craft Guild presents the chance to gift shop for everything including pottery, woodwork, fabric art and blown glass. The 30th annual Christmas Showcase is open 10 a.m.-8 p.m. today, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Sunday at the Statehouse Convention Center, Governor Hall No. 2. Admission is $5. Call (870) 269-4120.

anyone interested in going?
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tomorrow (nov 8) - Momma comes to town to help with the yard and other assorted house-related tasks

Sunday (nov 9) - hang out w/ [ profile] pearlbeachlady and her man, eat soup

Tuesday (nov 11) - Federal holiday! (sit on my couch, scritch kitties, watch stuff on the dvr)

Saturday (nov 15) - Leisure Arts sale, dinner with [ profile] tallgirl75 (?) and work friend, Reba & Kelly Clarkson concert

5 weeks until I go on a cruise!
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Saturday November 15
8 am - 1:30 pm  (gates open around 7:30 am)

Leisure Arts publishes for Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Southern Living, and Cooking Light under the name Oxmoor House.
They also publish books for Home Depot and Lowes regarding home improvement (plumbing, electrical, gardening).
Most of what they print are craft-related and scrapbooking supplies.
The November sale always has better stuff than the spring sale.

Holler if you're interested in riding with me.
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Sunday, November 2 - Turkey: From Start to Finish

Sunday, November 9 - Stuffing & Dressing

Sunday, November 16 - Holiday Side Dishes

Sunday, November 23 - Perfect Pies

Sunday, November 30 - Build-A-Bear Cake
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Silent Sunday is a fundraiser for the Arkansas School for the Deaf - for technology purchases.
Central Arkansas Independent Restaurant Operators serve tasting portions of their famous food.
I've attended two years (not consecutively) and rank the event as fabulous.
Tickets are $18 in advance, $20 at the door.
Wear pants with an elastic waist.  Some people bring cafeteria trays to hold the tasting portions.  It's that good.

Thanks to [ profile] heifer3  for alerting me of this year's event.


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