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~ finding the grateful necklace after months of missing status

~ water cresting at 36 feet and not 41 feet

~ deep sleep

~ roadtrip in two days

~ finding the shuffle player in time for the trip

~ feeling in sync with music again

~ getting to share the meaningful music with a meaningful person

~ looking forward to another Indigo Girls concert
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~ Tylenol pm

~ oatmeal for breakfast

~ getting the last diet coke in the cafeteria

~ learning new work skills

~ having an interview

~ feeling good after the interview

~ enjoyable dinner company

Post from mobile portal
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~ wonderful weather

~ decent sleep

~ lazy morning

~ shopping with a friend

~ vampire movie for 75 cents (Oh Edward!)

~ unclogging the bathtub drain

~ enjoying the current reading
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~ lots of happy dreams

~ morning snuggles from striped kitty

~ clearing movies from the dvr

~ knitting brown sock

~ favorite comic actor winning an Emmy 
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~ sweet kitties

~ pancakes, petit jean bacon, and diet coke

~ available technology 

~ affordable shoes

~ afternoon napping

~ hard cider
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~ sleep

~ lots of kitty snuggles

~ AMC now carried by uverse in my area

~ Hardly Strictly Bluegrass announces phenomenal lineup

~ free medicine (scan said I paid - I said I didn't - cashier shrugged)

~ delicious dinner and time with fabulous friend
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~ pleasant dreamy sleep

~ warehouse 13, top chef

~ lunch with friend (blueberries? ok)

~ archival mail function

~ knit! (learned a new trick)

~ MOLLY in 12-16 hours


Jul. 26th, 2010 07:32 pm
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~ new super boss is friendly

~ boss bought lunch

~ finished the structure valuation

~ received some work awards

~ power nap with striped kitty
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~ 14 hours of solid sleep

~ baby dyson awesomeness

~ homebrew laundry soap

~ knit gathering full of laughter and new-to-me faces
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~ having the book I needed in the district office and being able to borrow it

~ getting a "that looks good" on a task I did for the first time

~  pedicure

~ feeling sleepy at bedtime
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~ separating dreams from reality

~ boss brought breakfast

~ very understanding and supportive friend

~ chicken cheese and rice

~ staring down the brilliant dream

~ elementary school pictures

~ blackberries
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~ really great letter written by boss

~ getting edits done relatively quickly

~ submitting grandworkplan application

~ 5 pm bedtime
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~ lots of sleep

~ fabulous smelling homemade laundry soap

~ freshly painted exterior doors

~ franken-iphone back from the dead

~ received Indigo Girls new double live release

~ received swim cap

~ momma time

~ watching a striped kitty try to catch a fly
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r.e.m dated ~1991, getting out of black towncar, swarmed
Runnin a cross town relay style race
getting shots of magic liquid into my fingers
hiding from police
going to amp- theater seat concert in rounds btw race
trashing Bill F
full training class throwing squish tomatoes

(thank you misshay and j for the dream fuel)
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It is a happy snow day in my house.

I slept late (11:20!).
I had a great bowl of cereal (red berries).
I posted class notes for next week.
I graded quizzes.
I posted quiz grades.
I wrote the next quiz.
I washed a load of dark clothes.
I sorted through a pile of mail.
I watched the sleet fall in the back yard.
I washed a sink full of dishes.
I watched 40 minutes of Up (before turning it off - I didn't like it).
I had a bowl of oatmeal.
I pondered Pilates.
I watched several episodes of Law & Order.
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^returned safely from Philadelphia

^saw very good work friend for a few minutes before the holiday weekend

^good sleep on Thursday evening - Friday morning

^car trapped in garage by very broken garage door - big meltdown

^got car-liberating help from [ profile] pearlbeachlady  and j (door still busted, but at least car is no longer hostage)

^re-injured back (garage door truly broken)

^kitten goodness

^momma & RB arrive

^good sleep Friday evening thanks to muscle-relaxing pills

^bacon goodness breakfast at ozark family restaurant

^purchased summer casual shirts

^met [ profile] heifer3  for $1.25 movie and cheap Burger King dinner
(Ghosts of Girlfriends Past - "You made your bed. Now you have to bang whatever crawls into it.")

^ate momma's leftover steak

^good sleep Saturday evening thanks to muscle-relaxing pills

^accompanied momma to cell phone store

^shopped for household stuff at Target

^talked about redo for office during vacation (first week of August)

^went to chris & lisa's house for holiday indoor picnic (got to meet the new-to-them dogs)

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I was exhausted.
I fell asleep on the couch at 6.
I moved to the bed around 9.
I was so deep in sleep at 12 that I thought there were multiple gunshots outside.
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She's being social tonight.  She's got a limp on her front right leg, but I think that I'll watch it a couple of days (at least until the vets office is open) and see if it's just soreness from the 20-ft fall.  Boy kitty had been terrified for about 18 hours.  He'd been trembling and skulking around with his tail between his legs.  He doesn't have any reference point for what all happened.  He just heard the men outside, the chainsaws cutting down the dead tree, and smells the dirt/blood/yuck on her.  Every time he got near her, he sniffed her face and started growling and hissing. I got a washcloth wet with warm water, and slowly cleaned her face, chin, neck, and back.  She seemed to enjoy it, maybe understanding that I was caring for her and cleaning her gently.  He's calmed down, getting signals from her and me that everything is ok.  I've seen her eating, so I think we're going to be ok.

My mom has 14 punctures in her thumb.  She went to the doctor today.  I just hope that the tree boy has enough common sense to do the same.

My body is sore.  I got pulled to the ground and dragged along by the two neighbor dogs when I tried to get them from their back yard to my garage.  I took drugs to sleep last night, and slept most of today.  So much for my productive weekend.
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I'm heading to Baton Rouge tomorrow spend time with Molly.
Henry seems to be improving with antibiotics and steroids.
Knit nite was good, even if I've only done three rounds on my sock in the past 6 weeks.
I've had good sleep three nights in a row.
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Since Tallgirl tagged me, I'll do two memes at one whack.

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