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I'm actively posting at [ profile] sernin_photo  again.
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I'm remodeling my kitchen.
Now that I've got the new stove and otr microwave, it's time for my beautiful glass mosaic tile and painting.

A friend went to Home Depot with me on Friday evening to guide me through purchases of mastic (?) and tools. Then we ate at the crappy mexican place down the street from my house.

My momma came to town. We traveled back to Home Depot to pick out grout, edging pieces for the glass tile, and tile for over-the-sink. Thanks to the previous owner, the peel-and-stick floor tile was hot glued to the wall.

 Removing said tile was difficult and ugly.  The wall will probably never be smooth enough to paint.

We held a strategy session in the kitchen, regarding paint colors. At the moment, I'm drifting away from the Disney color "Hundred Acre Raindrop" and toward a grey-ish purple. My momma stayed longer than originally planned (thanks to a trip to Target and a desire on her part for me to mow the yard while she worked the flower bed), so I missed knit nite.


I got a fabulous invite to [profile] pearlbeachlady 's house for kitty scritching, pie making, and chit-chatting. I hulled and quartered strawberries while she made pie crust and her man made vanilla ice cream.  I hand-washed dishes while they made corn chowder.  I got to see them dance dance and guitar hero, eventually giving both a try. (Hint: I shouldn't have dance danced, but I heard the call of YMCA.)  I returned home and crashed on the couch, watching tv with furry help.  By the time I got into bed, I was tired but not sleepy.  Not a good night for sleep.


I'm thinking about heading over to the War Memorial (Jim Dailey?) place to check on monthly pass costs, and doing the same for Bess Chisolm Y.  [personal profile] troy's post about swimming on Saturday made me wish for some time in the pool, especially with my test results showing that I have very little vitamin D in my body. (ick sunshine) Of course, I'm a big chicken, and it's hard for me to go places and _talk_ to people, much less start doing a new activity on a regular basis. (No [profile] heifer3 , I haven't gone back to pilates yet.);

My aunt's mexican surgery hasn't gone as well as planned.  She's scheduled to return to Missouri tomorrow. My momma wants to drive up to see her this coming weekend, but won't know until Thursday if she can get the time off work.  So this weekend I'll either be painting the kitchen, or driving a zillion miles round trip to see my aunt.

I'm worried that I'm a left-handed girl with a right-handed banjo.
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Last night was the first belly dancing class.  At the moment I wanted to type out some of my initial impressions, before losing them to the mass of forgetfulness that is my memory.  Later I hope to type out the play by play, much like I did for the ballroom dancing class.

1) My "veil" is three yards of maroon chiffon.  It was half price at the fabric store.  I would have purchased the fire red, but another heifer had her hands on it first (and I didn't want to single white female her).

2) Cherry, the teacher, is (in a weird way) my ideal of physical fitness: soft and squishy in places, but strong, flexible, and centered.

3) For a first class, I think I did ok.  I'm pretty good doing the walk with hip pops and I'm pretty terrible doing a shimmy.

4) Belly dancing is a workout.

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I went to Main library to pick up a book that I had reserved, and climbed the stairs to the second floor to find the local newspaper. I was looking for details about a short-film showing. I checked the "Weekend" section for current events and found a notice for "Sunset on the Nile" dance performance by a middle eastern dance troupe. This afternoon, I found the library book on the bottom of my kitchen table crap pile and found my notes I had written. So I did some searching this afternoon, and found the website for the local middle eastern dance company. It seems like they've got beginner lessons on Monday nights at 6 pm. First lesson is free, then they are $8/class.
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Thanks to TallGirl, I'm roasting a locally-grown all-natural chicken.

I've washed it, rubbed butter all over it, salt/peppered it, and chopped the garlic and shallots that I stuffed inside it. For the first time, I got a little burning-teary eye while chopping the shallots. I've never had the onion tear effect. Food Network is telling me to roast it for 45 minutes before kicking up the temperature for the final bit.

Lucky for me, I got an instant read thermometer (and a digital food scale, microplane spice grater, and a round cake pan) at Williams-Sonoma, so I can make sure that the chicken is done before I turn off the oven.

I found a couple of recipes for the spaghetti squash in my CSA basket. I think I'll try it tomorrow evening. I'm too tired to do it tonight. Especially if I'm going to make a pumpkin layer cake.
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I got my first CSA basket today. I showed up too late for eggs, and I swapped my loaf of 8-grain (belly killing) bread.
Here's what it looks like:

And what all the ingredients are:

2 bell peppers
1 gallon bag of field greens
1 quart bag of basil
1 tub of pesto
1 blob of fresh whole wheat pasta
1 pound beefalo
1 gallon bag of frozen (purple hull?) peas
8 sweet potatoes (half of them in swap for the bread)
1 big yellow (spaghetti?) squash
2 little decorative gourds
1 box rice
1/2 quart bag of popcorn
1 bag cornmeal (in swap for them running out of eggs)
1 unit colby cheese
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In the next few days/months, I hope to document some of the changes that I hope to make in the next 12 months. I'm not to inspired to put this out for the whole world, so the series will be friends-only. I'll probably even create a filter for it as well. If you want in on the filter, or are a friend without a livejournal account (unable to see the friends-locked entries) and want to see the posts, leave comment.


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