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I really don't like Valentines Day. I don't like the made-up commercialized holidays in geneal (Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween), but a day aimed toward love in general just irritates me.

Then I have the self-doubt - do I just dislike this holiday because I am not involved in a relationship and I'm just being a scrooge? I don't think so. The periods of time when I was involved in relationships on 14 Feb (three of them, for the historic record), I didn't magically turn into a D*sney princess - singing about true love and pining for chocolate and stuffed animals.

I abhorr the idea that a person could make up a year of disrespectful behavior with a card and dinner at a fancy restaurant. I detest the idea that any amount of love can be represented by a quick trip to Walgreens. I get frustrated that a person's feelings for anyone else changes just because it's the 45th day of the calendar year.


Oct. 3rd, 2007 10:51 am
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 One day I will learn that a dvr that has crashed three times and has lost all the shows on its hard drive three times will eventually crash again, causing all of the beloved recorded programs to go away.  Dumb girl.
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When the hotel advertises "FREE HIGH-SPEED WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS AVAILABLE HERE", then they shouldn't be surprised when the geeks congregate in the lobby in their jammies. (One or more access points outside of the main lobby area are not working.)

Greetings from a hotel lobby in Sacramento, California.

Junk Pile

Feb. 9th, 2005 10:38 am
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Calendar of Events (upcoming)
7 February Dinner at Shorty Smalls
13 February Dinner at undisclosed location
5 March Mamma Mia-Broadway Musical, Robinson Center Music Hall
11,12,13 March Atlanta, Georgia
18 March Game Night (tentative)
19 March Alison Krauss & Union Station
15-17 April Arkansas Literary Festival, Downtown Little Rock (Molly arrives 16 April!)
30 April Bargain Barn, Barton Coliseum
27-29 May Riverfest
15 July Air Supply concert, Magic Springs (Hot Springs)
16 July Harry Potter 6 release Evil in the universe.

In listening (sadly) to the ULTIMATE AIR SUPPLY cd, I am ashamed to admit that I know ELEVEN of the songs (including one covered by Celine and one covered by Mariah).  Forget any evil that you may think exists… true evil is the complete invasion of AIR SUPPLY songs into our minds when we aren't paying attention.

Indian-accented Man Stop Calling Me
Last night, the Indian-accented man called again for a non-existent person. I asked if my number was the one listed, and when confirmed, I bluntly told him that the girl had given him an incorrect phone number. I said that he had talked to me SIX times, and SIX times I have told him that no such person was at this phone number who was interested in pharmaceutical technologies. I told him to STOP CALLING. Granted, the first call was very nice to have, especially given the timing. However, the following five calls (and I suspect the source of some of the hang-up messages on my answering machine) are not at all welcome.


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