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from an article titled "America's Deadliest Jobs": men die in accidents, women get murdered

While putting in 57% of the total hours worked by Americans, men made up 92.7% of the workplace fatalities. The relatively few women killed were more likely to die from on-the-job homicide, though: 26% of the female workplace deaths were murders, compared with only 9% of the male deaths.


Sep. 1st, 2009 08:14 am
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Duggar #19 and Grand-Duggar #1 are on the way.
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Of those people around my age, I don't know anyone who didn't have the album Thriller.

We were amazed when he moonwalked the first time, trying to copy it in our bedrooms.

We may have grabbed our crotch and eeked a high-pitched "ow" when our mommas weren't looking.

We realized early on that he was a certified freak with his hyperbaric oxygen chamber, his Neverland Ranch, and his sidekick Bubbles the chimp.

Then his nose fell off.
And he turned white.

But Elizabeth Taylor and the japanese people still loved him.

We tolerated Man in the Mirror and Black or White because he's the guy who gave us Thriller.

Then he started naming children after himself and started getting into legal trouble over little boys.

Financial troubles, shameless marriage to Lisa Marie...

But Elizabeth Taylor and the europeans still loved him.

May he be in peace wherever his soul may be.
Thank you for Thriller.
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Deadly, incurable vanilla fungus hits Madagascar

Madagascar farming officials say a deadly and incurable crop disease has spread widely in the island's main vanilla-producing area.Assessment teams say in a report released Monday that the world's main vanilla producer has to radically change farming methods to fight the fungus attacking plants at the root.

Malagasy agronomic research chief Simeon Rakotomamonjy says the situation is "critical." He says the disease has hit 80 percent of plantations around Sambava and Andapa, two of three main centers of vanilla production on the Indian Ocean island's northeast coast.
Most of Madagascar's vanilla is exported to the United States, where it is used for making confectionary, soft drinks and ice cream.
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In the news story After Ike, Texas survivors clamor for gas, food , it talks about rescuers trying to evacuate communities.  However, not everybody will be rescued.

Of particular concern is a resident who collects exotic animals who is now holed up in a Baptist church with his pet lion. "We're not going in there," Jones said. "We know where he (the lion) is on the food chain."
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While most of the news is centered around the roll call, the hurricane, and other stuff...

Del Martin died at 87 Del, with her partner Phyllis, was the first in line to marry in San Francisco.
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Man goes into Arkansas Democratic Party Headquarters and shoots Bill Gwatney (Chairman, superdelegate, and very well known car dealer) three times. Gwatney dies four hours later at local hospital.

story here
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Water not allowed; Snuff juice allowed

Morning Edition, October 12, 2007 ยท An Arkansas state lawmaker wants to fix a gross inconsistency. State House rules ban lawmakers from having a cup of water on their desks. But a day's worth of tobacco juice is allowed. Representative Pam Adcock wants to snuff out smokeless tobacco in the House. She's testing the water (so to speak) for a state law banning smokeless tobacco out of the Arkansas capitol in 2009.
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The other half of the Reilly-Somers Match Game Duo of Excellency dies.

I like this quote from the news article:  "She maintained her independence till the end, and her irreverence," Adam Klugman said.

Mr. Wizard

Jun. 12th, 2007 10:03 pm
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I am not a science girl.  I mass-memorized in biology, completed seek-a-word puzzles in astronomy, and don't remember much about physics aside from the trips to the coke machine in the teachers' lounge.  The most I ever learned about science, I learned from Mr. Wizard.
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Charles Nelson Reilly dies at age 76.

The top row laugh factory duo that he and Brett Somers provided.  With his pipe and toupee, he still rocks the Game Show Network.  (and Broadway in general given his Tony-award-winning talent)
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How did I not know that USPS will be issuing Star Wars stamps?

Not that I'm a fan of Star Wars, but I'm usually ahead of the herd when it comes to postal news.

Oh, and I find it funny that they have to remind people that it's a federal offense to mess with the mailboxes.  No stealing the mailbox to add to your collection.
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Former front-man of Blues Traveler arrested last night.  The man behind the wheel (not Popper) was driving 111 mph.
Police did a search of the vehicle and as the article states:

Inside the black Mercedes SUV, officers found a cache of weapons and a small amount of marijuana, the Patrol said. A police dog searched the vehicle, finding numerous hidden compartments containing four rifles, nine handguns and a switchblade knife. Authorities also found a Taser and night vision goggles. The vehicle was seized.

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Newport driver Gary Nicholson is now facing two counts of manslaughter and four counts of second degree battery after a Tuesday night crash. Police say the 44 year old admitted to using cocaine before he got behind the wheel of his pickup and headed south on Malcom street. Just after 7pm he apparently lost control of that pickup, crossed the northbound lane leaving the highway and slammed into a Hardee`s restaurant. Nicholson`s truck landed nine feet inside that restaurant, right on top of the table where five Newport teachers were having their regular Tuesday night dinner out. The crash killed 67 year old Jane Wright. She`d retired from the Newport district as the school secretary after 17 years of service. Retired English teacher Beverly Tapp, 61, was also killed in wreck. She`d just left the district last May. Two members of the `girls night out` group, current math teacher Pat Brown, 57, and 61 year old retired reading teacher Carol Brand, are in critical condition in Memphis. Fifty-nine year old Jane Parnell, a retired English teacher, is in C.C.U. at a Newport hospital. A couple dining inside the Hardee`s last night was also injured. Fifty-seven year old Levi Anders remains hospitalized tonight. His girlfriend, 46-year-old Velma Johnson, suffered minor injuries and has been released from the hospital. Nicholson is behind bars tonight at the Jackson County Detention Center. He`s due in court Friday.


Beverly Tapp was my next door neighbor for 10 years, and was my 7th grade English teacher. I'm going to her visitation tomorrow.

Paul Eells

Aug. 1st, 2006 09:02 am
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Paul Eells, the only voice that I've heard broadcasting Arkansas Razorback sports, died in a car accident last night.
He was one of the few great Arkansas broadcasters. Razorback football won't be the same.

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I grew up in a little quiet town. My friends and I called the newspaper the Daily Disappointment, due to the lack of exciting news stories. Seems that when the little town does awaken with news, the major news outlets in Little Rock get the details wrong:

It's not First Assembly. (Since this was the first piece to be on air, it got everything stirred up. First A/G was my home church until I went to college. The flurry of phone calls started due to the mis-reporting of KATV. And still mis-reporting, even though other stations have it right.) Edit: KATV story now removed. KTHV story behind the cut.

<Did you know that I was raised in a pentecostal church?>

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1. I fell in a mud puddle

2. A member of my family makes the news

3.  My mother's next door neighbor makes the news


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