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~ finding the grateful necklace after months of missing status

~ water cresting at 36 feet and not 41 feet

~ deep sleep

~ roadtrip in two days

~ finding the shuffle player in time for the trip

~ feeling in sync with music again

~ getting to share the meaningful music with a meaningful person

~ looking forward to another Indigo Girls concert
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Crazy crowded standing room only

Get out the map
Shame on you
Heartache for everyone
Closer to fine
Sugar Tongue
Love of Our Lives

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~ summer traffic

~ getting the needed crop data

~ leftovers for lunch

~ not being in the picture

~ "it took a long time to become you, become you" 
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With the announcement of all the Lilith Fair 2010 cities and artists and dates, I instantly knew that I wanted to go to the show in Nashville.

Indigo Girls
Loretta Lynn
Sarah McLachlan

And I knew that I wanted to go to the show in DC with Molly.

Missy Higgins
Sara Bareilles
Courtyard Hounds
Indigo Girls
Sarah McLachlan

The Nashville concert (for which I had already 4th row tickets) was canceled - and most of the money was refunded to my credit card. It was more clear how important the DC show would be to my year of saying yes to concert opportunities.

I flew to DC on Sunday to stretch my MOLLY time as much as reasonable (given my work trip last week and my work trip next week). We diddled on Sunday afternoon, chatting and my napping to make up for my day starting at 3 am. We ate pizza and ice cream while watching Mad Men.

On Monday, we did some shopping at Target (bottled water) and REI (low-backed lawn/camp chairs). We ate at Chipotle. We went to meet and greet potential kitty adoptees. We went to Molly's sister's place to play the new Lego Harry Potter Wii game. We traveled back to Molly's house to have dinner with her husband and her mom.

Tuesday morning, Molly and her mom let me sleep in while they did some family business. When I got up and ready, we went to Panera for breakfast. We went to meet and greet other potential kitty adoptees. We traveled back to Molly's house, and had lunch with Molly's sister's friend. We packed the vehicle and headed to the venue.

We arrived with plenty of time to find a nice spot on the lawn for our blankets and chairs, with a good view of the stage, and more importantly - the jumbo screen. We had packed water, snacks, card games, and sunscreen. Once camped, we were good for the several-hour wait until Main Stage performances.
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~ sleep

~ lots of kitty snuggles

~ AMC now carried by uverse in my area

~ Hardly Strictly Bluegrass announces phenomenal lineup

~ free medicine (scan said I paid - I said I didn't - cashier shrugged)

~ delicious dinner and time with fabulous friend
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~ no sunburn!

~ buttered noodles with chicken for lunch

~ MOLLY!!!

~ safe flights

~ being home with kittays

~ finding the lilith finale song uploaded to youtube
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1. Kenny Rogers (with guest appearance by Dottie West!)
2. Neil Diamond
3. MC Hammer (opened with Vanilla Ice and En Vogue)
4. Vanilla Ice (Little Rock)
5. Indigo Girls (Missouri State, Tulsa, Little Rock, Memphis, Fayetteville, DC Lilith, Hardly Strictly SFO, DC Wolftrap)
6. Alanis Morissette (opened with K's Choice - Nashville)
7. Melissa Etheridge (with guest appearance Terri Clark - Memphis)
8. Steve Perry (Little Rock)
9. Sarah McLachlin (Lilith 1.0, 2.0)
10. Natalie Merchant (Lilith 1.0)
11. Ani Difranco (Kansas City)
12. Dixie Chicks (Little Rock)
13. Dar Williams (x 3)
14. Janis Ian (Fayetteville)
15. Cheryl Wheeler
16. Christine Lavin
17. John Gorka (Fayetteville)
18. Harry Connick Jr. (Memphis, ?)
19. Norah Jones (Little Rock ?)
20. Ricky Skaggs (Little Rock, Conway)
21. Al Green (Riverfest, Little Rock)
22. Air Supply (Hot Springs)
23. Gillian Welch (Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, SFO)
24. Reba McEntire & Kelly Clarkson (Little Rock)
25. Brandi Carlile (Little Rock, Fayetteville)
26. Big Smith (Hot Springs, Little Rock)
26. Tom Jones (Vegas)
27. Sara Bareilles (Lilith 2.0)
28. Courtyard Hounds (Lilith 2.0)
29. Barenaked Ladies (Riverfest, Little Rock)
30. Ralph Stanley (Hardly Strictly Bluegrass)
31. Doc Watson (Hardly Strictly Bluegrass)
32. Reba (San Antonio rodeo)
33. Little Big Town (Riverfest)
34. Joe Walsh (Riverfest)
35. Steve Martin & Steep Canyon Rangers (Little Rock)
36. Lady Antebellum (Little Rock)
37. Darius Rucker (Little Rock)
38. Dave Stewart (Memphis)
39. Sugarland (Memphis)
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~ 80 degrees with cloud cover but without rain

~ plenty of water and snacks


~ the undescribable feeling I have right now
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~ separating dreams from reality

~ boss brought breakfast

~ very understanding and supportive friend

~ chicken cheese and rice

~ staring down the brilliant dream

~ elementary school pictures

~ blackberries
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~ lots of sleep

~ fabulous smelling homemade laundry soap

~ freshly painted exterior doors

~ franken-iphone back from the dead

~ received Indigo Girls new double live release

~ received swim cap

~ momma time

~ watching a striped kitty try to catch a fly
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I drove to Fayetteville mid-afternoon, and went to the box office to get my ticket at Will Call.  There were 20-30 people already hanging out around the venue, with a couple of hours to go before the concert.  I left the venue and drove around looking for the hotel.  The area around the mall has changed a lot since I lived in Fayetteville (and I realize that this is what cranky old people say - but it's totally true). It took a bit more driving than I expected to find the hotel that was only two blocks from the mall.  I found a Market Place Express restaurant and had a burger.  I drove back to the mall, timing my arrival toward the end of the opening act. I got to my seat on the 7th row, six seats right of center.

I caught the last two songs of the opening act (whose name escapes me at the moment), a lanky long-haired singer-songwriter. Her last song was a cover of Brandi Carlile's "Josephine" - knowing that the audience most likely attended Brandi's concert at George's Majestic Lounge just a few months ago.  I sat uncomfortably in my seat during the in-between, with a soft-spoken couple on my right, 5 empty seats to my left, a family of 5 in front of me. The heat of the evening sun and humidity just made me feel like a big unpopular sweaty blob.  I was delighted that the Indigo Girls took the stage 10 minutes early - jolting me out of the icks and right into my first solo concert experience.

Set List:
Love of Our Lives (Poseidon and the Bitter Bug)

at this point, I was truly disappointed - because I hate this song - and my brain just scattered across the floor, wondering if it was a big mistake to get the tickets, sweat over the fact that the ticket never arrived, call various people to assure my admission, drive 3 hours up, get a hotel room, and the eventual 3 hour drive back home - just because I hated the song

Become You (Become You) - and all at once all was forgiven
Fill It Up Again (All That We Let In)
Driver Education (Poseidon and the Bitter Bug)
What Are You Like (Poseidon and the Bitter Bug)
Dairy Queen (All That We Let In)
Power of Two (Swamp Ophelia)
Ghost of the Gang (Poseidon and the Bitter Bug)
Fleet of Hope (Poseidon and the Bitter Bug)
Joking (Rites of Passage)
Get Out the Map (Shaming of the Sun)
Three County Highway (Despite Our Differences)
-here, we got a story by Amy Ray of her missing dogs and her wonderful sheriff's office which helped find the dogs
It's Alright (Shaming of the Sun)
Yield (Become You)
Ghost (Rites of Passage)
Shame on You (Shaming of the Sun)
Southland in the Springtime (Nomads Indians Saints)
Devotion (Retrospective)
-here, I was really surprised - I thought this must have been a cover, since I _have_ all of their albums and had never heard this song. Thankfully I wrote down as many words as I could, and did frantic internet searching when I got back to the hotel room - only to find the song as one of two new songs on a greatest-hits-type album. Now I have a new temporary-favorite song, mostly because it was a complete surprise and it has a FABULOUS zydeco beat.
Closer to Fine (Indigo Girls) - they brought out the opening artist and allowed her the  third verse and at some point during the song I took a picture when they gestured for the crowd to do the lead singing

Land of Canaan (1200 Curfews style)


Second Time Around (Poseidon and the Bitter Bug)
Galileo (Rites of Passage)

Overall impressions:
There's a strange dichotomy in my brain: trying to lower my expectations (this can't possibly be the BEST SHOW EVER because every show can't live up to that - so lower those silly expectations) and forgetting that it isn't about euphoria.. that it's about being a balm in Gilead.


Jan. 9th, 2010 09:32 am
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please send along any productive thoughts and energy this way - big project due

enjoying my new daily phrase calendar: Country Sayings
   "Butter my butt and call me a biscuit!"
   "We've howdied but we ain't shook."
   "Keep my name out of your mouth."

looking forward to gathering with the knit crew tonight at The House - new green scarf on the needles, with the wool yarn from Colonial Williamsburg sheep

classic case of externalities:  While I've been working in the quiet room the last few days, I have enjoyed listening to my ipod without headphones on shuffle (or listening to a Pandora station, or listening to my local public radio station thanks to Public Radio app on the iphone) - but if my neighbor in the next cube did it - I'd want to strangle them.
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noticed that my flickr page was hit 68 times yesterday - who discovered my flickr photos, and looked at all of the pictures? leave a comment if you're reading this too

bought a new car, Mazda3, graphite

bought rose-gold swirly earrings - according to the post office they were processed in Las Vegas post office on Thursday

got a massage - made some phone calls and found my favorite massage person at a little shop in West Little Rock - 1 hour of glorious relaxation followed by a quiet evening on the couch with kitties

saw a really excellent documentary (Warrior Champions) with [ profile] pearlbeachlady as part of a fundraiser for the Clinton School of Public Service - won two tickets from the Little Rock Film Festival

finished a major goal of my current workload (chapter 3 is out for agency technical review), and have a half-strategy for the seemingly insurmountable pile of work still on the desk

at the point in the semester when I am tired of going to class, even though the subject matter is my favorite (macro!)

filling my new U-Verse dvr with movies on the Sundance channel

reading Stroke of Insight and (pardon the pun) gaining some amazing insight into the way the left and right brains work

emailed two people, regarding becoming a volunteer for the screening committee for the documentary film festival - something I've wanted to do for years - got a response from one of the two, saying my message would be forwarded to the festival and film programming director

starting to think about making a trip to DC next year to visit MOLLY!!! - and will be timing it to match the Lilith Fair concert date, yet to be announced

looking forward to knit nite - even if I'll be grading quizzes
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stirring together ingredients for oatmeal white chocolate cookies

while listening to accoustic Indigo Girls (Poseidon and the Bitter Bug)

napping kitties within sight

anticipating seeing friends in a few hours

not worrying about going to work tomorrow
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Finished (without qualification) the work in Boston area.
30 projects screened in 20 work days (with review and edit work on top of that) and 8 days of traveling back and forth.


Also, procured 4 Brandi Carlile general admission tickets and a front row table for the October concert in Fayetteville.

So I am in a semi-calm state for the moment. Headed to old Boston for the evening to see some historic stuff and find supper.

Fly again tomorrow (allgedly). Hope to be home by 3:30.
Looking forward to time on the couch with the stuff I love.

And next week I can deal with being put in charge of a new work committee.
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Of those people around my age, I don't know anyone who didn't have the album Thriller.

We were amazed when he moonwalked the first time, trying to copy it in our bedrooms.

We may have grabbed our crotch and eeked a high-pitched "ow" when our mommas weren't looking.

We realized early on that he was a certified freak with his hyperbaric oxygen chamber, his Neverland Ranch, and his sidekick Bubbles the chimp.

Then his nose fell off.
And he turned white.

But Elizabeth Taylor and the japanese people still loved him.

We tolerated Man in the Mirror and Black or White because he's the guy who gave us Thriller.

Then he started naming children after himself and started getting into legal trouble over little boys.

Financial troubles, shameless marriage to Lisa Marie...

But Elizabeth Taylor and the europeans still loved him.

May he be in peace wherever his soul may be.
Thank you for Thriller.
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You've got a gnome that can grant an experience wish.
Whatever type of experience you want (think like Make a Wish without the sick children).
No financial limit - must be something for you (not for your Grandma or your Uncle Erwin - though others can be invited to enjoy the experience).
No raising people from the dead, or breaking laws of physics.

What's your wish?


Indigo Girls in my living room. Concert for me and close Indigo-loving friends. Whatever I want on the track list, some songs twice.
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In complete oxymoron fashion...

I'm listening to Jewel singing Simple Gifts (which I downloaded from iTunes).

It is heartbreakingly beautiful.
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Traveled to Memphis with [ profile] pearlbeachlady and [ profile] dslwc on Saturday afternoon.

We checked into the hotel, grabbed fabulous food and drink at the Cafe Eclectic in midtown, and arrived at the venue just in time for the opening act.  We were standing abour four rows of people from the stage, possibly bettering the distance that I had for last year's concert at Robinson center, 2nd row center.

The Indigo Girls' performance was fabulous.  As my friends noted the hot tea and throat spray on the stage, they must have had vocal issues, but I couldn't tell from the performance and their energy level.

They were actively taking requests from the crowd, changing the set list as they played.  They played 24 songs.  This concert was the best performance that I've seen.  I can't even type how amazing it was for me.


Love of our Lives
Sugar Tongue
Fill It Up Again
Become You
Power of Two
Driver Education
What Are You Like
Gone Again
Prince of Darkness
Shame on You
Get Out the Map
Ghost of the Gang
Fleet of Hope

(and then they started playing requests mixed with new music)

Hammer and a Nail
Fool's Gold
Romeo & Juliet (the crowd was unbelievable for this one)
Love's Recovery
Land of Canaan
Southland in the Springtime
True Romantic (my favorite on the new album, and Amy really expressed some raw emotion during the performance)
Closer to Fine

then for the encore

Second Time Around


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