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~ wonderful weather

~ decent sleep

~ lazy morning

~ shopping with a friend

~ vampire movie for 75 cents (Oh Edward!)

~ unclogging the bathtub drain

~ enjoying the current reading
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~ cool temperatures

~ under the blanket kitty snuggles

~ independent lens

~ parent trap on teevee

~ enough milk for one more bowl of cereal

~ easy drug refill at walmart

~ quiet time with dear friends

~ knit time

~ excellent episode of mad men
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~ normal dreamy sleep

~ cereal

~ clearing things from the dvr
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~ vacation

~ chipoltle

~ fabulous dinner of pesto tortillini

~ watching absolutely terrible movies with Molly
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~ watching movies in bed

~ spontaneous hug at the bird food store

~ summer fruit (strawberries, blackberries, peaches, watermelon!)

~ perfectly timed email

~ good pilates class

~ help with heavy stuff in the trunk of the car

~ re-reading favored books
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~ cheap software through work affiliation

~ a break from the heat

~ free water for the landscaping

~ redbox ( Oh Edward! )

~ "overcooked" green beans

~ my own swim lane

~ grand work plan progress (the legacy, the passion!)
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movies watched:

Up in the Air
Slumdog Millionaire
Precious (based on the novel Push by Sapphire)
Every Little Step
The Proposal
The Ugly Truth
the Time Traveler's Wife

teevee on dvd watched:

Northern Exposure
Dead Like Me
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Arrived home from last trip to Boston/Concord.
Watched _Center Stage_ with two amazing friends while eating pizza and drinking cider.

I got some decent sleep with a striped kitty paw on my face for most of the night.
I watched a few things on the dvr. I read postsecrets. I ate cereal. I scritched kitties.
I took some medicine for the headache that was starting to take over my brain.

I set up a tweet account for myself.  I think it will do two things for me: allow me to read tweets that imaginary friends send throughout the day, and allow me a place to record my thoughts (a place I could work through my more manic thoughts - with a dreamwidth account to work through the larger thoughts).

I went to the movie theater and saw Harry Potter 6 with [ profile] pearlbeachlady and J.

After the movie, I played with the fiercest kitten in the world. I made sure that he was up to his quota of scritches and kisses.
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^returned safely from Philadelphia

^saw very good work friend for a few minutes before the holiday weekend

^good sleep on Thursday evening - Friday morning

^car trapped in garage by very broken garage door - big meltdown

^got car-liberating help from [ profile] pearlbeachlady  and j (door still busted, but at least car is no longer hostage)

^re-injured back (garage door truly broken)

^kitten goodness

^momma & RB arrive

^good sleep Friday evening thanks to muscle-relaxing pills

^bacon goodness breakfast at ozark family restaurant

^purchased summer casual shirts

^met [ profile] heifer3  for $1.25 movie and cheap Burger King dinner
(Ghosts of Girlfriends Past - "You made your bed. Now you have to bang whatever crawls into it.")

^ate momma's leftover steak

^good sleep Saturday evening thanks to muscle-relaxing pills

^accompanied momma to cell phone store

^shopped for household stuff at Target

^talked about redo for office during vacation (first week of August)

^went to chris & lisa's house for holiday indoor picnic (got to meet the new-to-them dogs)

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A broad smattering of ideas.


snip )
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This month, the films focus on race. QQUMC screens films in the sanctuary at 7pm.

Friday's film (which I can't believe I have to miss - of all the weeks to go see Molly!!)

Feb. 13: “Song of the South” (1946)

Joel Chandler Harris’ tales featuring Br’er Rabbit and his friends and all the happy slaves down on the plantation. Boycotted originally by the NAACP and the National Negro Congress. Walt Disney Studios has retired this one from the home video market.


Feb. 20: “Watermelon Man” (1970)

A racist white insurance man wakes up one morning to find himself turned into Godfrey Cambridge! This dark comedy was Melvin van Peebles’ directorial debut. Rated “R” for language.

And one that we just HAVE to go see - it will just be THAT AWFUL

Fat Tuesday Musical February 24

Our selection will be the winner of the Razzie Award for Worst Picture and Worst Screenplay of 1980, “Can’t Stop the Music” starring the Village People, Valerie Perrine, Bruce Jenner, and Steve Guttenberg. The film is full of cameo performances and the lack of acting talent of the Village People and Bruce Jenner. This movie didn’t kill disco, but it didn’t do it any good. So, start planning to dress up as a GI, construction worker, cowboy, Indian, leatherman, or cop, or just throw on your best bulletproof polyester outfit and plan to join us singing and dancing to “YMCA” and other disco hits.

movie queue

Sep. 1st, 2008 11:48 am
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TCM had a day of Katharine Hepburn movies, so my dvr is bulging:

The Rainmaker
The African Queen
Woman of the Year
Bringing up Baby
Little Women
Stage Door
Morning Glory

others on the dvr right now:

Dying at Grace
Matchstick Men
Monsoon Wedding
The Holiday
This Film is Not Yet Rated

from Netflix:

Half Nelson
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You have got to get over this Tammy Wynette fixation!

Well, someone's got to carry on her legacy now that she's gone!

You've been doing this for twenty-three years! What was your excuse before she died?

My mind's a blank.
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At the Death House Door - a third film of execution films that I've seen (the other two I've seen at HSDFI) - this one from the perspective of the prison chaplain in Texas. Film focuses on prisoner Carlos DeLuna, a possibly innocent executed man. Film includes interviews with chaplain, his family, DeLuna's family, and others.  Recommended.

Charlie Bartlett - although there is much John Hughes-like formulative plot (which carries no big surprises), there are a few things that are  enchanting in this rich-kid-goes-to-public-school-and-tries-to-be-popular movie.  Nice role for the young love interest actress.  Disappointing performance by Robert Downey Jr.

Rear Window - I was inspired by the recent AFI special of the top 10 movies in 10 genres.  I realized that I've never seen an Alfred Hitchcock movie.  I saw this in the movie guide one day and decided to set the dvr.  It's also the first movie I've watched with Grace Kelly.  It was hard to watch while ironing clothes (too much that must be seen and not heard).
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I've been in a movie-watching slump, with the proliferation of summer reality (Project Runway! Shear Genius!) and cable dramas (Saving Grace, In Plain Sight, Law & Order Criminal Intent). My netflix dvds have been just sitting, sometimes so long that I don't use my monthly allotment. Shame.

Alas, the movies I've seen since last update (March)

The Philadelphia Story - for a somewhat famous romantic comedy starring Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and Jimmy Stewart - I hated it. Witty reparte' my rump. I'm spoiled by better delivery of catty comebacks. I grew up with Moonlighting.

The Savages - I didn't make it to the local indie film place to see this while it was still in circulation. I like Laura Linney; I love Philip Seymour Hoffman. While ok, I just didn't think that this was in a group of their best performances. She's more more connective to me in Love, Actually. He knocks my socks off in Charlie Wilson's War.

SATC - I watched it on the big screen while on work travel. I think that there was enough backstory for those who never watched the series (or only caught a few episodes), and enough moments that really rewarded the loyal fans.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly - My main reason for watching is that I thought this was by the same director that created another film I like (but can't remember at the moment) but it wasn't. "based on a true story" so it was like a documentary, but with better cinematography.

Get Smart - I really enjoyed it.

Lars and the Real Girl - I watched this movie last night, and really loved it. I once heard Susan Sarandon say that she was disappointed that the studio execs titled one of her movies Stepmom, because the movie was about so much more than Julia Roberts being a stepmother. I feel the same when I read that Lars is about a guy who buys a blow-up doll. Sure, the doll is the plot of the movie, but not in the way that a 30 second commercial would lead a person to believe. The movie is sweet and compassionate. It's about the emotional walls that Lars has, and his way of dealing with those walls is Bianca the RealDoll.  My friend Molly says, "very heartwarming and thought-provoking - what a small town will do to support a member of the community - pretty amazing".
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From the Little Rock Film Festival people:

7:00 pm, Wednesday, June 18th, the Little Rock Film Festival, Arkansas Film Commission, Little Rock Film Commission will present a Sneak Peek of Mike Myers’ latest comedy, which was co-written by Arkansan Graham Gordy, who was also an associate-producer on the film. The screening will be hosted by United Artists Breckenridge Stadium 12.

The Love Guru "Sneak Peek" is a free event open to the public. Purchasing an After-Party ticket($25) will ensure a seat at the screening, and anyone without a reservation will be seated on a first come/first serve basis at the screening.
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Some Mother's Son - good; Helen Mirren plays a woman whose son is involved in IRA bombings and is arrested.  The son, along with the other IRA prisoners refuse prison uniforms and eventually food.  Prisoners start dying from starvation while politics and religion can't seem to find a solution for peace in Ireland.  Based on true events.

The Namesake - ok; Most parts are interesting and some parts are really touching.  But there's about 30 minutes too much movie in the movie.  Multiple scenes where it drags on without furthering plot or character development.

Fever Pitch - dumb; I wanted a stupid romantic comedy, and I got one.  Cameo of Stephen King throwing out the first pitch of the season.

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I'm pulling for Diablo Cody and Ellen Page.
Juno was amazing.

And the song from Once that winds its way into my consciousness

ear worm

Jan. 21st, 2008 07:57 pm
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a day later, and I've still got a song from Once repeating in my head
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Juno is completely amazingly good. The writing is fast and witty for the first half. Actors are well cast and most blend in easily into their characters. I could easily go see it again today.

27 Dresses is schlocky and predictable. There are lots of moments that are just painful to watch. Most of the characters have no depth, and there are only one or two really good comic set-ups.  I probably should have seen it before seeing Juno, rather than after.

Once is good.  I like the style of music, so I enjoyed the almost-love-story between the heartbroken busker and the girl.

I quit watching Winter Passing when the lead character intentionally drowned a kitten.

The Squid and the Whale was an interesting look at divorce and its effects on the children.  I am continually appreciative of the acting skills of Laura Linney.

Wedding Planner is an average romantic comedy.  I watched because I like Matthew McConaughey.


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