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~ cold diet coke

~ realizing that I get to hang out with MOLLY in 17 days

~ having enough $ in savings to pay off the credit card balance

~ leftover crappy mexican food

~ having my library card renewed so I can reserve stuff online

~ receiving very encouraging words from division chief

~ remembering to wash and line dry swimsuit

~ free four day preview of Showtime
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~ my laptop, which freezes and dies 10 to 12 times per day is still somewhat functioning
~ my next car insurance premium will be $200 less than my last premium
~ good swim
~ pictures of fiercely cute kittens on my phone
~ lots of birds at the feeder after I watered the landscaping


Dec. 19th, 2009 10:56 am
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I got a rebate card in the mail this week.  It has a few restrictions on it, so I was wondering what my friends would do in the same situation.

So. You get $200 pre-paid gift card.   It must be used by March 2010. It may not be used for purchasing gas.  If used at a restaurant, it will be declined for a bill over $165.  What would you buy?

I'm thinking about two options:  (a) going to the massage shop and purchasing a $200 gift certificate to myself (b) going to a local-run kitchen store and just splurging on stuff.  My third option would to purchase airline ticket to go see Molly during Lilith Fair, but I don't have a concert date yet.  Shall I wait for concert dates to be announced?


Jul. 8th, 2009 06:07 pm
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I'm thinking about refinancing my house.

I've currently got 30 years at 5.375%.

My mortgage company can refinance it for 15 at 4.5%.

I think I'll be in my house at least 5 more years (because I can't afford the style and neighborhoods that I love).

I can afford the closing costs for refinancing.

The payment would increase 100/month over what I'm currently paying - which can be done with some attention to my budget.

Anything I haven't thought about?


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