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~ an alleged break in the heat

~ popcorn, salad, cajun shrimp

~ remembering the DOS commands easily

~ MOLLY and I are going to San Francisco!!!

~ going back to the pool
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With the announcement of all the Lilith Fair 2010 cities and artists and dates, I instantly knew that I wanted to go to the show in Nashville.

Indigo Girls
Loretta Lynn
Sarah McLachlan

And I knew that I wanted to go to the show in DC with Molly.

Missy Higgins
Sara Bareilles
Courtyard Hounds
Indigo Girls
Sarah McLachlan

The Nashville concert (for which I had already 4th row tickets) was canceled - and most of the money was refunded to my credit card. It was more clear how important the DC show would be to my year of saying yes to concert opportunities.

I flew to DC on Sunday to stretch my MOLLY time as much as reasonable (given my work trip last week and my work trip next week). We diddled on Sunday afternoon, chatting and my napping to make up for my day starting at 3 am. We ate pizza and ice cream while watching Mad Men.

On Monday, we did some shopping at Target (bottled water) and REI (low-backed lawn/camp chairs). We ate at Chipotle. We went to meet and greet potential kitty adoptees. We went to Molly's sister's place to play the new Lego Harry Potter Wii game. We traveled back to Molly's house to have dinner with her husband and her mom.

Tuesday morning, Molly and her mom let me sleep in while they did some family business. When I got up and ready, we went to Panera for breakfast. We went to meet and greet other potential kitty adoptees. We traveled back to Molly's house, and had lunch with Molly's sister's friend. We packed the vehicle and headed to the venue.

We arrived with plenty of time to find a nice spot on the lawn for our blankets and chairs, with a good view of the stage, and more importantly - the jumbo screen. We had packed water, snacks, card games, and sunscreen. Once camped, we were good for the several-hour wait until Main Stage performances.
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~ no sunburn!

~ buttered noodles with chicken for lunch

~ MOLLY!!!

~ safe flights

~ being home with kittays

~ finding the lilith finale song uploaded to youtube
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~ 80 degrees with cloud cover but without rain

~ plenty of water and snacks


~ the undescribable feeling I have right now
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~ vacation

~ chipoltle

~ fabulous dinner of pesto tortillini

~ watching absolutely terrible movies with Molly
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~ free upgrade to first class on short flight

~ MOLLY!!!
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~ pleasant dreamy sleep

~ warehouse 13, top chef

~ lunch with friend (blueberries? ok)

~ archival mail function

~ knit! (learned a new trick)

~ MOLLY in 12-16 hours
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~ cold diet coke

~ realizing that I get to hang out with MOLLY in 17 days

~ having enough $ in savings to pay off the credit card balance

~ leftover crappy mexican food

~ having my library card renewed so I can reserve stuff online

~ receiving very encouraging words from division chief

~ remembering to wash and line dry swimsuit

~ free four day preview of Showtime
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~ clean report from the dentist

~ momentary light workload

~ using accrued travel comp time

~ couch napping

~ working my way from 1 month visits to 3 month visits

~ shiny new laptop

~ purchased tickets to DC (MOLLY!!!)


Feb. 27th, 2010 05:16 pm
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grateful for:

drugs that minimize the pain
hand-knit fingerless gloves, full of love and uniqueness
purple envelopes showing up in the mail - full of MOLLY!!! news
PBS posting episodes online
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noticed that my flickr page was hit 68 times yesterday - who discovered my flickr photos, and looked at all of the pictures? leave a comment if you're reading this too

bought a new car, Mazda3, graphite

bought rose-gold swirly earrings - according to the post office they were processed in Las Vegas post office on Thursday

got a massage - made some phone calls and found my favorite massage person at a little shop in West Little Rock - 1 hour of glorious relaxation followed by a quiet evening on the couch with kitties

saw a really excellent documentary (Warrior Champions) with [ profile] pearlbeachlady as part of a fundraiser for the Clinton School of Public Service - won two tickets from the Little Rock Film Festival

finished a major goal of my current workload (chapter 3 is out for agency technical review), and have a half-strategy for the seemingly insurmountable pile of work still on the desk

at the point in the semester when I am tired of going to class, even though the subject matter is my favorite (macro!)

filling my new U-Verse dvr with movies on the Sundance channel

reading Stroke of Insight and (pardon the pun) gaining some amazing insight into the way the left and right brains work

emailed two people, regarding becoming a volunteer for the screening committee for the documentary film festival - something I've wanted to do for years - got a response from one of the two, saying my message would be forwarded to the festival and film programming director

starting to think about making a trip to DC next year to visit MOLLY!!! - and will be timing it to match the Lilith Fair concert date, yet to be announced

looking forward to knit nite - even if I'll be grading quizzes


Jun. 8th, 2009 07:25 pm
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talked to MOLLY last night

sending her all kinds of love and support
Her Aslan kitty is very sick. She will most likely have to make that awful trip to the vet soon.
Love that boy. He may have had a unpleasant reputation in his younger days, but by the time I met him (he was 10) - he had mellowed to occasional nipping while getting pats. I know the Aslan that likes to knead MOLLY's hair, lay on floor vents in the winter for heat, and cry for treat at 5pm.

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There are small handfuls of experiences that make me truly happy: lying on the couch with purring kitties, watching older couples square dance, enjoying conversation with small groups of friends while eating, plotting out my documentary film festival schedule, and spending time with Molly. (No, this isn't the entire list, just the ones that come to my mind at the moment)

It's always hard to end a vacation with Molly. I want her to live next door to me for the rest of my life. (I was shameless in trying to get her to buy the house next to mine.) We snark on life, eat ice cream, watch horrible movies, and obsess over how often the word "apparently" comes up in everyday conversation. (Seriously. Start counting. There's an epidemic of "apparently.")

So I'm in post-Molly slump, wanting to drive back up to her house, sit on the couch with some ice cream and a diet coke, and watch a movie. Or sit at the dining table with ice cream and a diet coke, and play a game.  (Instead, I _need_ to read more of a big work document, and prepare myself for a really important day tomorrow.)

It's hard to leave, because it may be another year (literally, since I saw her last March) before we're together again. It may be never, which her blod clot completely freaked me out. Part of my resolving is to spend much more time with people who bring out the best in me, and Molly is one of the people who do that.
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We ate brownies and vanilla ice cream last night.

I got more sleep.

I woke to a kitty scratching on the door, wanting to nap on the bed (without me, thank you very much).

We went to Barnes & Noble for our morning outing.

I purchased Killer Bunnies for the household.

We ate sandwiches, chips, and leftover manicotti for lunch.

We played Outrage, Quirkle, and Killer Bunnies.

We ate brownies and vanilla ice cream.

We're watching Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest.

Every day should be a vacation day with Molly.


Feb. 15th, 2009 06:25 pm
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I rented a car, and drove from the airport to Molly's house without drama or confusion.

We ate sausage, ricotta, and basil calzones.  I had baklava for dessert.

We watched a terrible movie (Happy Endings) and conversated.

I got surprisingly good sleep.

I ate a bacon, ham, and cheese omelette with biscuits at greasy diner this morning.

We took a short shopping trip to Blockbuster and Target.

We watched my favorite terrible movie (Sordid Lives) while I finished a certain blanket with a crocheted border.

We ate cheeseburgers and velveeta shells for lunch.

We watched a good movie (Pirates of the Caribbean) and I attempted checking work email (fail).


Feb. 13th, 2009 07:30 am
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Headed to Norfolk for my first screening trip this year.  Of course, there can't be a trip to eastern Virginia without time for MOLLY!!


No flying today.

The plane was late to arrive.  We boarded the plane.  I was chatting with the lady to my left and the flight attendant.  We got the safety demonstration and backed out of the gate.  We sat and waited.  The captain said there was a malfunctioning brake temperature gauge.  He rebooted the plane. (seriously. powered down and rebooted.) We still had a malfunctioning brake temperature gauge.  We pulled back into another gate, where a mean diminutive man told us that the flight was canceled. We all had to exit the plane, go back down to the ticket agents to get other flights.  Mine isn't until tomorrow morning.
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Molly just called me from HER HOUSE!

She's been discharged from the hospital, with an appointment with her general doctor in the morning.  She's supposed to keep moving around (which is bizarre to me after forcing her to be still for days).  She has taken a proper shower.  She's forming a nest in the living room.

Thank you for all good thoughts.

Vegas 1

Jan. 26th, 2009 10:52 am
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The short version:

I arrived safely in Las Vegas, and checked into my off-the-strip hotel last night. Unlike all the giggling adults on the plane from DFW, I'm actually working this week. I'm in a conference room with 15 men and 1 other woman. We're reviewing the safety and consequences of dams. The highlight of teh morning: fountain diet coke available during breakfast!

The long version:

snipped for sanity )


Jan. 22nd, 2009 06:32 pm
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She's in the hospital in the intensive care, with blood clots in her leg and in her lungs.
Please send good thoughts/prayers/vibes her way.

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missing Molly, especially after a visit - when I remember how extra cool and fabulous she is

striped kitty snuggled up on my legs - turns a year old on tax day

carry a small "rite in the rain" desert tactical notebook in my purse - for lists of things I need to remember

grading to do this weekend

square dancing jubilee watching tomorrow night


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