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1. Kenny Rogers (with guest appearance by Dottie West!)
2. Neil Diamond
3. MC Hammer (opened with Vanilla Ice and En Vogue)
4. Vanilla Ice (Little Rock)
5. Indigo Girls (Missouri State, Tulsa, Little Rock, Memphis, Fayetteville, DC Lilith, Hardly Strictly SFO, DC Wolftrap)
6. Alanis Morissette (opened with K's Choice - Nashville)
7. Melissa Etheridge (with guest appearance Terri Clark - Memphis)
8. Steve Perry (Little Rock)
9. Sarah McLachlin (Lilith 1.0, 2.0)
10. Natalie Merchant (Lilith 1.0)
11. Ani Difranco (Kansas City)
12. Dixie Chicks (Little Rock)
13. Dar Williams (x 3)
14. Janis Ian (Fayetteville)
15. Cheryl Wheeler
16. Christine Lavin
17. John Gorka (Fayetteville)
18. Harry Connick Jr. (Memphis, ?)
19. Norah Jones (Little Rock ?)
20. Ricky Skaggs (Little Rock, Conway)
21. Al Green (Riverfest, Little Rock)
22. Air Supply (Hot Springs)
23. Gillian Welch (Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, SFO)
24. Reba McEntire & Kelly Clarkson (Little Rock)
25. Brandi Carlile (Little Rock, Fayetteville)
26. Big Smith (Hot Springs, Little Rock)
26. Tom Jones (Vegas)
27. Sara Bareilles (Lilith 2.0)
28. Courtyard Hounds (Lilith 2.0)
29. Barenaked Ladies (Riverfest, Little Rock)
30. Ralph Stanley (Hardly Strictly Bluegrass)
31. Doc Watson (Hardly Strictly Bluegrass)
32. Reba (San Antonio rodeo)
33. Little Big Town (Riverfest)
34. Joe Walsh (Riverfest)
35. Steve Martin & Steep Canyon Rangers (Little Rock)
36. Lady Antebellum (Little Rock)
37. Darius Rucker (Little Rock)
38. Dave Stewart (Memphis)
39. Sugarland (Memphis)
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I did the book list somewhere else, but then friends started doing reasoning - and I just couldn't let it go.

1. To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee
I read this book before I was emotionally ready to understand what the crime really was. I remember getting it from the very small library in my home town. I remember the weight of the hardback, and the smell of the pages. I remember wanting a daddy like Atticus. I read it again in high school, for an interactive book report. I can't remember much of what I said, but out of character for me at the time... I made the whole class laugh.

2. The Firm - John Grisham
I picked up the paperback to read on a plane ride to Germany. I still have the paperback on my shelf, able to open it anywhere and read a few chapters. It was a better story before the movie was made. Now I have a hard time reading it without seeing Wilford Brimley.

3. 1984 - George Orwell
I bought a cheap paperback copy of the book while I was in college. I read a few chapters and quit reading (for reasons that I forget). It wasn't until I borrowed the audio version of Animal Farm from the Central Arkansas Library that I remembered the book on the shelf. This book is on my mind often. I'm often saying that Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia, or that our office only brews the best Victory Coffee. If you haven't read this book, read it this year.

4. Where the Sidewalk Ends - Shel Silverstein
When I first made the list I thought, mistakenly, that it contained my favorite Silverstein poem. (Crowded Tub: There are too many kids in this tub. There are too many elbows to scrub. I just washed a behind that I'm sure wasn't mine. There are too many kids in this tub.) However that poem is in his earlier work, A Light in the Attic. Rather than change the book in the list, I just remembered my favorite poem from Sidewalk: Sarah Cynthia Silvia Stout Would Not Take The Garbage Out.

5. Harry Potter #1 - JK Rowling
I found the series much later than others in my peer group. I was able to purchase book 1 in paperback. I think I read it while living at home after returning from Arizona. It was a delightful break from reality. Like books about hobbits (but not as confusing), it's an immersion in an alternate world.

6. Scarlet Letter - Nathaniel Hawthorne
We read this in high school english. I remember struggling with the writing. There were sections that I just could not understand. Aside from Shakespeare and Melville, this is right up there on the ultimate frustration list.

7. Dark Tower series - Stephen King
When something is really important to me, I lose the ability to express how I feel. Dark Tower was life changing for me, in a literary and a spiritual sense. All serve the Tower. All serve Ka.

8. Beach Music - Pat Conroy
I think I first read this when I was a postal worker, borrowing the audio tapes from the local library. The words and phrases that Conroy uses are beautiful. He understands the pain in a family from mental illness. Eventually, I got the paperback (and later the hardback). I was delighted to read the whole story, and not just the abridged version on the tapes.

9. Me Talk Pretty One Day - David Sedaris
Another book that I heard before I read. I borrowed the set from my favorite boys. I just about wet myself when I listen to "Jesus Shaves". I'm so excited to be seeing David Sedaris in October.

10. Rose Madder - Stephen King
This may be the first story I've known where the woman who starts the book with no self worth or power - takes back her life (or an infinitely better version of it). It doesn't hurt that the book has an Indigo Girls concert. Yet again, I heard the story on audio before reading it in print (with Uncle Stevie reading all the Norman chapters).

11. Bush at War - Bob Woodward
I would have never read this book had I not gone to a Clinton School of Public Service lecture by Woodward. I was fascinated by his lecture, and got the first book in the series from the library. I was entranced. I couldn't read the book in the library timeframe, so I snagged it from amazon.

12. The Dead Beat: Lost Souls, Lucky Stiffs, and the Perverse Pleasures of Obituaries - Marilyn Johnson
I have a fascination with obituaries. This book just enhanced it. As a note, not many obituaries actually say that the person "died".

13. Goodnight Opus - Berkeley Breathed
I wanted something on the list by Mr. Breathed. I couldn't pick from the Bloom County books (because they are all fabulous) - so I went with my favorite of his children books. Mr Breathed has a special talent for illustration and comfort. You should find a copy, just so you can read everything on the copyright page.

14. The Year of Magical Thinking - Joan Didion
Oddly, a book about a woman grieving for her husband, is a good book to read while dealing with grief.

15. Here If You Need Me - Kate Baestrop
She's a chaplain. She provides comfort to strangers in trouble and to her warden service coworkers. I can't remember where I heard about this book. (NPR? Bas Bleu? library shelf?)
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from [ profile] n0nnahs

Color and Hue quiz

Based on your information, below is how your score compares to those of others with similar demographic information.
  • Your score: 12
  • Gender: Female
  • Age range: 30-39
  • Best score for your gender and age range: 0
  • Highest score for your gender and age range: 1476

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Could you pass the latest citizenship test?

You answered 95% of questions correctly. Here's your rating:

0-20%: Maybe you're still thinking too much about the Old Country.

25-40%: Mmmm. Do you really want to be a citizen? This kind of performance isn't going to impress those nice immigration folks.

45-60%: Not too bad, but you really need to break out the civics books again -- word is, the INS is looking for an 80 percent score.

65-80%: Hey, you may make a good citizen yet! Look at your wrong answers and a little revision should do the trick.

85-100%: Welcome to the United States! (And, truth be told, you know more about this great land than most Americans.)


May. 25th, 2008 06:01 pm
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fell into the hype trap and bought wii

now I have to figure out how to hook it up
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Because the first time I did it, it may as well have said "rodeo barrel" and I was mad that everyone else was happy with the results. I realize that it probably means that I'm in the wrong job (which we all sort of suspect) but not even coming close to matching my interests and skills. So I took the darned thing again, answering all of the interests questions and all of the skills questions (the more my skills match, the better the letter grade).
Being an announcer could be cool were it not for my accent )
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Since Tallgirl tagged me, I'll do two memes at one whack.

Five Things )

Seven Random Things )
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1. I have to check my leave forms after my supervisor signs them to see if he checked the "approved" box. (He's never disapproved them, but I just have to check.)

2. I don't eat food that is orange or food that is crunchy. The exception is a cheeto, which is both orange and crunchy.

3. I count the people on an elevator before getting on. If it's "too many" then I'll just wait for the next elevator. Better to be on an elevator with fewer people if it gets stuck (which has never happened to me).

tv meme

Jul. 7th, 2006 05:20 pm
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From [profile] quodlibetic, from someone she knows...

  • Bold all of the following TV shows which you've ever seen 3 or more episodes of in your lifetime.
  • Bold and italicize a show if you're positive you've seen every episode of it.
  • If you want, add up to 3 additional shows (keep the list in alphabetical order).

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I expected as much...
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Brought to my attention by [ profile] mehetabel

In a Flickrfight, pirates beat ninjas 3757 to 1326.

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Whole video, with Lego.

The zombie dance scene is good.


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