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~ time to sleep and give the injured back some rest

~ yarn night
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In the last couple of days I have

* call vet about girl kitty
* drug emporium for laundry soap bars, flax seed oil (for girl kitty) and tea tree oil
* craft store for some ribbon
* knit nite
* world cheese dip championship
* laundry
* yarn store
* birthday macaroni & cheese and pie
* inventory pants
* coffee club coffee purchase
* fresh market groceries
* finish baby knit
* watch episodes of project runway, top chef desserts, lie to me, the whole truth, no ordinary family, daily show, mad men
* creating packing spreadsheet
* install office software on newer laptop

7 days until first phase of grandworkplan
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~ new fall teevee

~ nap

~ knit

~ open windows make happy kitties

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~ kitty pile

~ fall preview issue of favorite magazine

~ massage

~ knitting

~ razorback football

~ talking to friends

~ confusing political pollsters

Post from mobile portal
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~ cool temperatures

~ under the blanket kitty snuggles

~ independent lens

~ parent trap on teevee

~ enough milk for one more bowl of cereal

~ easy drug refill at walmart

~ quiet time with dear friends

~ knit time

~ excellent episode of mad men
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~ lots of happy dreams

~ morning snuggles from striped kitty

~ clearing movies from the dvr

~ knitting brown sock

~ favorite comic actor winning an Emmy 
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~ cereal with bunches of oats and strawberries

~ vacuum that works

~ surprise momma visit

~ knitting with friends 
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~ lip gloss

~ brown sock heel
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 ~ funding for travel orders

~ cinnamon pecan oatmeal

~ the pleasure's in the knitting
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~ sleep in my bed

~ kitty snuggle

~ dvr teevee

~ cereal with strawberries

~ great knit nite
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~ pleasant dreamy sleep

~ warehouse 13, top chef

~ lunch with friend (blueberries? ok)

~ archival mail function

~ knit! (learned a new trick)

~ MOLLY in 12-16 hours
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~ 14 hours of solid sleep

~ baby dyson awesomeness

~ homebrew laundry soap

~ knit gathering full of laughter and new-to-me faces
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~ not needing to be anywhere at 7 am

~ season 2 of United States of Tara

~ knit nite

~ good cuban sandwich
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~ found appropriate knit needles in my stash for baby project

~ easy morning commute (ah, Fridays in the summer)

~ finished the 50-page administrative record document at work

~ caught a significant oversight before Final Report went to print

~ tasty lunch with dear friend

~ settled insurance problem without drama in quick phone call

~ super awesome grandworkplan news

~ great swim (15 laps! new recent record)

~ kitty snuggles
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~ time with my momma

~ knit nite

~ good cheeseburger

~ laughter with friends
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turkey taco salad tonight - firmly sitting on the wagon

kindergarten version chemistry book arrived today

brown sock ripped back to nothing - unexplainable hole appeared and all attempts to rip back to the hole were unsuccessful

family coming this weekend for birthday and holiday time together

Fake Henry came to the back door last night and hollered. When I opened the door, he ran up and over the fence.

finals week for my class - yay! summer break!


Feb. 27th, 2010 05:16 pm
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grateful for:

drugs that minimize the pain
hand-knit fingerless gloves, full of love and uniqueness
purple envelopes showing up in the mail - full of MOLLY!!! news
PBS posting episodes online


Jan. 9th, 2010 09:32 am
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please send along any productive thoughts and energy this way - big project due

enjoying my new daily phrase calendar: Country Sayings
   "Butter my butt and call me a biscuit!"
   "We've howdied but we ain't shook."
   "Keep my name out of your mouth."

looking forward to gathering with the knit crew tonight at The House - new green scarf on the needles, with the wool yarn from Colonial Williamsburg sheep

classic case of externalities:  While I've been working in the quiet room the last few days, I have enjoyed listening to my ipod without headphones on shuffle (or listening to a Pandora station, or listening to my local public radio station thanks to Public Radio app on the iphone) - but if my neighbor in the next cube did it - I'd want to strangle them.
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noticed that my flickr page was hit 68 times yesterday - who discovered my flickr photos, and looked at all of the pictures? leave a comment if you're reading this too

bought a new car, Mazda3, graphite

bought rose-gold swirly earrings - according to the post office they were processed in Las Vegas post office on Thursday

got a massage - made some phone calls and found my favorite massage person at a little shop in West Little Rock - 1 hour of glorious relaxation followed by a quiet evening on the couch with kitties

saw a really excellent documentary (Warrior Champions) with [ profile] pearlbeachlady as part of a fundraiser for the Clinton School of Public Service - won two tickets from the Little Rock Film Festival

finished a major goal of my current workload (chapter 3 is out for agency technical review), and have a half-strategy for the seemingly insurmountable pile of work still on the desk

at the point in the semester when I am tired of going to class, even though the subject matter is my favorite (macro!)

filling my new U-Verse dvr with movies on the Sundance channel

reading Stroke of Insight and (pardon the pun) gaining some amazing insight into the way the left and right brains work

emailed two people, regarding becoming a volunteer for the screening committee for the documentary film festival - something I've wanted to do for years - got a response from one of the two, saying my message would be forwarded to the festival and film programming director

starting to think about making a trip to DC next year to visit MOLLY!!! - and will be timing it to match the Lilith Fair concert date, yet to be announced

looking forward to knit nite - even if I'll be grading quizzes
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