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~ toast with peanut butter and honey

~ ford's beer call

~ being seen as a technical reviewer

~ help with Project Kitten

~ getting travel orders approved

~ passing bug-man inspection

~ cereal

~ tv on dvd
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~ new front door

~ new back door

~ new locks on doors

~ tickets to Eclipse for next week

~ amazing local peaches

~ striped kitty leaping across the living room after a fly
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I had a full week back at work, with a training trip to Louisville, Kentucky on Monday through Wednesday. I had the first post-spring-break class on Thursday. Saturday had a yard sale, yard work and house washing with momma and RB, and a very disappointing square dance jubilee down in Pine Bluff.

Today, I'm doing some work (big project has review comments and corrections due tomorrow), baking (cinnamon struesel coffee cake), and trying to satisfy a squawky black and white kitty.

I'm tired, even napping for a few hours yesterday and having decent (but short) sleep last night.

My dvr is filling up with tons of stuff that I just don't feel like watching.
I need to call the doctor tomorrow. One bottle of medicine ran out yesterday, and even though I could renew the current prescription, it's the wrong dosage. Foo. I thought I was more on top of this kind of stuff lately.

I'm loving the changes to my back yard. I need to give away the canopy/gazebo. If you want it, it is free. You just need to be able to break it down and transport it. I'm looking for a big tilting umbrella as the solution to my patio glider problem.
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Several years ago, I took a garden/plant lecture class through the local extended learning center.  Mary Evans talked about all sorts of plants, flowers, and bushes for a couple of hours.  She brought in clippings of some plants, including a beautyberry.  I learned a lot, and kept a few of her suggestions in the back of my brain in the following years.

My back yard is a sloped mud pit.  I'm not of the gardening sort ... and have no desire to do anything with it on my own. However, if I can increase the enjoyment I get from my house (my yard), and improve the value of the property - then I'm happy to do so (as long as I don't have to do the maintenance).

I called all around to get Mary's number, and asked her for a pricing sheet about a year ago.  This past week I finally got around to calling her to make a consultation appointment.

Today, she came to look at the yard, in all of its muddy and rock-filled glory.  She asked about my style, my hopes for the back yard, my plant preferences, and lots of other things.  I told her that I wanted more native Arkansas plants, things that are wild and beautiful - that like soaking up the water that moves down the slope.  I told her that I'd like to have a friendly-to-bird space, so the critters have window entertainment.  I told her that my only outdoor activity will be sitting and reading. I want my back yard to be relaxing.  We talked about all sorts of things for two hours while she listened, walked, and sketched.

Likes: flowering quince, (thornless) blackberries bushes, blueberry bushes, hydrangea, beautyberry , the idea of a water feature - with a big urn or something, the idea of a tent/gazebo to keep 'skeeters out of my reading space

Hates: holly bush, azalea bushes, elephant ears, boxwood

So she is going to think, draw, and design.  In a few days, when the yard is not so mud-pit-like, she'll return to take measurements.  I look forward to seeing what she creates.  I almost never care about the yard, but right now I'm excited.
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called the doctor's office for a med checkup on Friday (no refills until I have an office visit)

called the roofer regarding hail damage from June 30 - they'll check it out tomorrow

called the garage door fixer - will have service person come on Friday

emailed cat coordinator at Central Arkansas Rescue Effort to thank her and foster dad (again) for giving me Kaye and Indy (nee Striper) two years ago today

procured "pc stereo headset" for practicing stuff on the computer (me looking much like the lady from the MCI commercials from the mid 80's or maybe Janet Jackson from her Control tour)

earned substantial performance award to be split between base salary increase and bonus check

checked enrollment for spring class - up to 8 students

shredded all applicable material that was piled on the kitchen table (still working on the kitchen bar)

used my last "free 12 pack" coupon and a $5 off $75 coupon at Target, but forgot to use my $10 gift card

found holiday cards in the garage

procured Wii Carnival game from Misshay through Nita

fell off wagon of my cranky ass project, four days and I fold

getting husky voice like Fast Girls from Mount Pilot

looking forward to Christmas Karaoke tomorrow night at the Legion
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for three days, the round squeaky kitty has been spooked by something intruding the back yard

she's been growling and hissing (?!)

tonight, I walked into the bedroom to find her the size of a king-sized pillow - with full tail fluff

I went to the back door, turned on the porch light, and walked around outside

I saw a full-sized Henry sitting on top of the fence

I yowled and stomped, and xerox-Henry ran along the top of the fence line

I think that the vet didn't do a proper job in the snipping a few years ago

in other news - my poor striped boy is crouch running around the house - he's scared of all this drama


Jul. 8th, 2009 06:07 pm
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I'm thinking about refinancing my house.

I've currently got 30 years at 5.375%.

My mortgage company can refinance it for 15 at 4.5%.

I think I'll be in my house at least 5 more years (because I can't afford the style and neighborhoods that I love).

I can afford the closing costs for refinancing.

The payment would increase 100/month over what I'm currently paying - which can be done with some attention to my budget.

Anything I haven't thought about?


Aug. 9th, 2008 08:34 pm
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before (sink)


before (stove)


all together now

and the kitties say yo


Aug. 8th, 2008 04:21 pm
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2 walls with kilz
tile above stove stuck, but not yet grouted
tile above sink stuck, but not yet grouted
one section painted with chosen dark color
one section painted with chosen light color
chosen light color deemed "ug, pink"
gallon of new light color purchased
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Saturday: Peanut's 5th birthday party and Travelers game with family

Sunday: preparing kitchen for painting

Mon - Wed: work

Thurs - Sun: paint kitchen, put up tile

color plan

Jul. 15th, 2008 08:03 am
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Right now, the plan for kitchen color:



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I'm remodeling my kitchen.
Now that I've got the new stove and otr microwave, it's time for my beautiful glass mosaic tile and painting.

A friend went to Home Depot with me on Friday evening to guide me through purchases of mastic (?) and tools. Then we ate at the crappy mexican place down the street from my house.

My momma came to town. We traveled back to Home Depot to pick out grout, edging pieces for the glass tile, and tile for over-the-sink. Thanks to the previous owner, the peel-and-stick floor tile was hot glued to the wall.

 Removing said tile was difficult and ugly.  The wall will probably never be smooth enough to paint.

We held a strategy session in the kitchen, regarding paint colors. At the moment, I'm drifting away from the Disney color "Hundred Acre Raindrop" and toward a grey-ish purple. My momma stayed longer than originally planned (thanks to a trip to Target and a desire on her part for me to mow the yard while she worked the flower bed), so I missed knit nite.


I got a fabulous invite to [profile] pearlbeachlady 's house for kitty scritching, pie making, and chit-chatting. I hulled and quartered strawberries while she made pie crust and her man made vanilla ice cream.  I hand-washed dishes while they made corn chowder.  I got to see them dance dance and guitar hero, eventually giving both a try. (Hint: I shouldn't have dance danced, but I heard the call of YMCA.)  I returned home and crashed on the couch, watching tv with furry help.  By the time I got into bed, I was tired but not sleepy.  Not a good night for sleep.


I'm thinking about heading over to the War Memorial (Jim Dailey?) place to check on monthly pass costs, and doing the same for Bess Chisolm Y.  [personal profile] troy's post about swimming on Saturday made me wish for some time in the pool, especially with my test results showing that I have very little vitamin D in my body. (ick sunshine) Of course, I'm a big chicken, and it's hard for me to go places and _talk_ to people, much less start doing a new activity on a regular basis. (No [profile] heifer3 , I haven't gone back to pilates yet.);

My aunt's mexican surgery hasn't gone as well as planned.  She's scheduled to return to Missouri tomorrow. My momma wants to drive up to see her this coming weekend, but won't know until Thursday if she can get the time off work.  So this weekend I'll either be painting the kitchen, or driving a zillion miles round trip to see my aunt.

I'm worried that I'm a left-handed girl with a right-handed banjo.
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A year and change after remodeling the master bathroom

I found someone to replace the faucets

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Three faucets and oven have been installed.

Appointment with fabulous doctor hal lasted TWO FREAKING HOURS and no definitive answer from the tests that he could run in the office.  Other test results won't be in for a day or two.

No, I haven't cooked anything yet.  Too much pressure.

I almost asked the doctor for a prescription for a kitten.  Because kittens make everything better.
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~ Now that there's a beautiful oven and over-the-range microwave in the kitchen, it just made me hate my cabinets even more.  I can't stand the "natural" color, which looks very yellow to me.  My momma, who originally offered to help strip and stain the cabinets, has changed her mind.  I need to find a contractor for the cabinets.

~ Wow, I've spent a lot of money in the last 30 days.

~ Kaye turns 2 next week.

~ I still have a big dead spot in the middle of my yard.

~ I'm not feeling well. I have two appointments for tomorrow.
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new over-the-range microwave delivered
new duel fuel stove delivered
electrician helped unhook old stove
electrician helped move old stove to curb (freecycling)
electrician and buddy installed
    - new stuff in breaker box
    - new power line through attic
    - new super-power outlet (240?) in kitchen wall
electrician and buddy moved new stove to kitchen

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I haven't been taking regular pictures, so it was a grab-bag type of surprise when I uploaded the latest batch of photos.
a few photos )
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house is CLEAN (this almost never happens) - floors washed, laundry folded and put away, dishes put away, ironing finished, furniture vacuumed, and piles reduced

saw Charlie Wilson's War and liked it - Philip Seymour Hoffman is genius with Aaron Sorkin's writing

watching American Gladiators with delight and horror

enrollment in PT class has gone from 2 to 8 to 4

university called and I'll go do paperwork on Friday, get keys to room and workroom, get computer access and textbook

someone gave me smoked salmon and japanese treats from a trip to Washington state

trip to Orlando next week for work

critters are adorable
(him striking a pose)

(her playing with a mousie)


Dec. 16th, 2007 09:12 pm
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I took some photos tonight.


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