Apr. 5th, 2010 08:34 pm
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I love a good pilates class.

{edit to add: I had one of the owners as the instructor, and she now gets my name right. For the first time, I did a partial "rolling like a ball". For the first time, I did all four parts of "teaser". I was exhausted, and very happy.}
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from [livejournal.com profile] aroraborealis -

The German word funktionslust refers to the pleasure of doing what one is made to do, or what one does best, as the pleasure of a bird flying, for example, or a cheetah running or a monkey swinging branch to branch.

What is your funktionslust? What pleases you in itself and as a thing that is essentially a part of who you are?


As I noted in her comments that many people asked her to name her own - I'll save you, gentle reader, from asking that.
I'll edit this post to add my ideas later.
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called the doctor's office for a med checkup on Friday (no refills until I have an office visit)

called the roofer regarding hail damage from June 30 - they'll check it out tomorrow

called the garage door fixer - will have service person come on Friday

emailed cat coordinator at Central Arkansas Rescue Effort to thank her and foster dad (again) for giving me Kaye and Indy (nee Striper) two years ago today

procured "pc stereo headset" for practicing stuff on the computer (me looking much like the lady from the MCI commercials from the mid 80's or maybe Janet Jackson from her Control tour)

earned substantial performance award to be split between base salary increase and bonus check

checked enrollment for spring class - up to 8 students

shredded all applicable material that was piled on the kitchen table (still working on the kitchen bar)

used my last "free 12 pack" coupon and a $5 off $75 coupon at Target, but forgot to use my $10 gift card

found holiday cards in the garage

procured Wii Carnival game from Misshay through Nita

fell off wagon of my cranky ass project, four days and I fold

getting husky voice like Fast Girls from Mount Pilot

looking forward to Christmas Karaoke tomorrow night at the Legion
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from Wednesday night:

student: Have you taught this class before?

me: Yes.

student: Did you teach this class last semester?

me: No. I had duties at my full time job that required me to travel a lot.

student: Well, I talked to one of the older MBA students. He said that there was this lady that taught this class. He said that I want to be in her class, that she's really good.

me: That would be me.



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