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"You're feeling overwhelmed, and for good reason -- things are a bit much right now! That doesn't mean that'll be true in the future, though, so try to just hang on for the time being."

So, yeah.

Two years ago, I lost Nagel - and in 7 days I'll have the two year mark for losing Henry.

Work is stressful.

Class is stressful.

Weather is dreary.

Today, I struggle.


Nov. 19th, 2009 08:38 am
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"Old memories are coming down on you in a big way today -- though you'd rather they go harass someone else! It may just be one of those days when you have to relive the past rather than plan for the future."

Henry is on my mind. The little kitty from Grubbs, who loved being outside.

I saw his doppleganger on the fence yesterday, doing the cute up/down/up/down walk along the top of the fence. He was willful and intelligent. He liked waffles and hotdogs. He lived two years.
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Grief isn't easy.

It's hard and sneaky and painful.

All it takes is a very harsh reminder of how thin the line between this life and what's next.. for me to think of little whiskers that couldn't breathe.  Did he know that I loved him?

I know that a mom is a very different thing from a kitten.  Know that I don't compare the health of one with the death of another; I just express where my mind is today.

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I miss my girl today.

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Black cat came into this world in jail.  The black momma cat had been picked up by the animal shelter, and quickly popped out a litter of little black puffs.  Six weeks later, as a college graduation gift to myself, I adopted one of the little black puffs.  Within 10 minutes of being in my apartment, she wedged herself under the floor of the bathroom sink cabinet, with only a hammer to the plywood floor to get her out. (She promptly crawled back under the cabinet less than 30 minutes after her "rescue".) 

Black cat left this world at her favorite vet's office this morning, after suffering her second grand seizure in two days.

I loved her fiercely for 11 1/2 years.


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