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~ safe travels to Gatlinburg and back

~ time to celebrate life with dear friends

~ use my powers (humor, storytelling) for good

~ the most precious moments are the small quiet ones 
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~ finding the grateful necklace after months of missing status

~ water cresting at 36 feet and not 41 feet

~ deep sleep

~ roadtrip in two days

~ finding the shuffle player in time for the trip

~ feeling in sync with music again

~ getting to share the meaningful music with a meaningful person

~ looking forward to another Indigo Girls concert
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~ toast with peanut butter and honey
~ neon sign on the horizon, rubbing elbows with the moon
~ not doing a phone call
~ scheduling an appointment for my back
~ holiday open house free food and punch
~ Sugar Bowl tickets
~ opportunity to do interesting things with new people
~ purring snuggle kitties
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~ shiny red shoes
~ diet coke
~ understanding talk guy
~ online shopping
~ fuzzy blanket on the couch
~ cold weather kitty piles
~ knowing that evil black cat had the best possible life

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~ plenty of time to read the next assigned book for grandworkplan

~ law and order marathon to help me sleep

~ free breakfast

~ sitting between hydrologists

~ fabulous handknit fingerless gloves

~ spaghetti and meatballs for lunch

~ writing and sending my book review (two weeks ahead of deadline)

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~ remembering to check the bin of cat food in the garage

~ enjoying hair cut and color

~ easy flights

~ time to read a good book

~ having a back-up book

~ resting at the hotel

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~ time to sleep and give the injured back some rest

~ yarn night
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~ held a puppy while having my hair colored

~ realized the pharmacy shortcounted the medicine Before driving home

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~ those who have served

~ kitty pile until noon

~ time to talk

~ remembering the coupons

~ safe and healthy arrival of the littlest funkhouser

~ dvr deluge (oprah! project runway! top chef just desserts!)

~ hearing that I may meet some of my mother's mother's family

~ hearing about a burlesque troop in town
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~ free donut

~ evaluations from my last university class (drunk monkey!)

~ Florida box arrived

~ box of stuff from amazon

~ anna writing funny stuff

~ remembering what I needed at the store while in the store

~ time to sleep

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~ figuring out array error line 117

~ remembering to refill meds

~ catching up with the intern

~ possibly getting oriented to the chaos

~ surprise phone call on the way home (validating)

~ dinner with dear friend

~ being brought the little black cord, repeatedly

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~ october

~ San Francisco

~ patty griffin

~ Ralph Stanley

~ meeting and talking at the grove

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~ third time isn't always the charm, but it will do

~ admin right which disappeared overnight were reinstated

~ teleconference survival

~ program which has been broken for MONTHS, magically worked

~ lunch with a fabulous friend

~ quick turnaround on congressional

~ having an awesome friend to help make the hard choices

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~ early morning award ceremony

~ lunch in the sunshine

~ submitting first batch of PA assignments

~ upgrade to new laptop at work

~ ciabatta bread

~ three boxes of stuff waiting for me on the doorstep

~ hope of possibilities
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~ fall weather

~ crockpot roast

~ lunch at regular place with good friend

~ possibly having my first round of PA stuff completed

~ dinner and dusty muffin laughs with good friend

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~ long-sleeved shirt weather

~ just-exactly-right-ripeness banana

~ productive morning

~ surviving first grandworkplan teleconference

~ pork tenderloin and risotto

~ pondering "journey into silence"
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~ sleeping with open windows

~ clean floors, clean couch, clean sheets

~ having groceries for the first time in month

~ the smell of fall
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~ new fall teevee

~ nap

~ knit

~ open windows make happy kitties

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~ kitty pile

~ fall preview issue of favorite magazine

~ massage

~ knitting

~ razorback football

~ talking to friends

~ confusing political pollsters

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~ being in a conference room with 12 people who understand my work

~ learning cool stuff

~ lunch with a new-to-me colleague

~ easy flights

~ about 100 pages of a good book

~ following the Dalai Lama on twitter

~ being home


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