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I leave in 10 hours for the first chunk of my new work program. 

I'll just state that I need (and will continue needing) the love and support of my friends, especially for the next three weeks.

So if you're thinking of me, send me a note - remind me of the good things, the happy things, or anything that you think will keep me connected to you, to home, to the things that I love.
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~ early morning award ceremony

~ lunch in the sunshine

~ submitting first batch of PA assignments

~ upgrade to new laptop at work

~ ciabatta bread

~ three boxes of stuff waiting for me on the doorstep

~ hope of possibilities
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~ fall weather

~ crockpot roast

~ lunch at regular place with good friend

~ possibly having my first round of PA stuff completed

~ dinner and dusty muffin laughs with good friend

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~ long-sleeved shirt weather

~ just-exactly-right-ripeness banana

~ productive morning

~ surviving first grandworkplan teleconference

~ pork tenderloin and risotto

~ pondering "journey into silence"
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~ Tylenol pm

~ oatmeal for breakfast

~ getting the last diet coke in the cafeteria

~ learning new work skills

~ having an interview

~ feeling good after the interview

~ enjoyable dinner company

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~ waking with no sleep hangover

~ having emergency luna bar for breakfast

~ finding work place easily

~ familiar faces

~ lots of learning and asking good questions

~ lunch that I haven't had since I was little

~ knowing that four important people met at 11 today

~ more cider

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 ~ remembering to obtain Pig Out Day food on the way to work

~ encouraging (but not confirming) grandworkplan message

~ looking online and seeing that my MW grandplan has changed to TR, and avoiding feeling foolish by showing up on the wrong night at the wrong time

~ two snuggle kitties
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~ found appropriate knit needles in my stash for baby project

~ easy morning commute (ah, Fridays in the summer)

~ finished the 50-page administrative record document at work

~ caught a significant oversight before Final Report went to print

~ tasty lunch with dear friend

~ settled insurance problem without drama in quick phone call

~ super awesome grandworkplan news

~ great swim (15 laps! new recent record)

~ kitty snuggles


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