sernin: (grateful)
~ an alleged break in the heat

~ popcorn, salad, cajun shrimp

~ remembering the DOS commands easily

~ MOLLY and I are going to San Francisco!!!

~ going back to the pool
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 ~ remembering to obtain Pig Out Day food on the way to work

~ encouraging (but not confirming) grandworkplan message

~ looking online and seeing that my MW grandplan has changed to TR, and avoiding feeling foolish by showing up on the wrong night at the wrong time

~ two snuggle kitties
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~ found appropriate knit needles in my stash for baby project

~ easy morning commute (ah, Fridays in the summer)

~ finished the 50-page administrative record document at work

~ caught a significant oversight before Final Report went to print

~ tasty lunch with dear friend

~ settled insurance problem without drama in quick phone call

~ super awesome grandworkplan news

~ great swim (15 laps! new recent record)

~ kitty snuggles
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~ cold diet coke

~ realizing that I get to hang out with MOLLY in 17 days

~ having enough $ in savings to pay off the credit card balance

~ leftover crappy mexican food

~ having my library card renewed so I can reserve stuff online

~ receiving very encouraging words from division chief

~ remembering to wash and line dry swimsuit

~ free four day preview of Showtime
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~ my own swim lane

~ blackberry reduction

~twitchy dreaming kitty next to me
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~ interesting work meetings

~ lunch willpower

~ grandplan compliments

~ early appointments

~ good talk

~ necklace arrived

~ delicious chicken, squash, and risotto dinner

~ really enjoyable movie with fabulous friend

~ Foghorn Leghorn!
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~ little girls who make it through heart surgery

~ finishing a quality control project

~ hopefully finishing my part of the grandworkplan paperwork

~ staying away from the box of donuts

~ fabulous pilates

~ kitty air biscuits
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~ cheap software through work affiliation

~ a break from the heat

~ free water for the landscaping

~ redbox ( Oh Edward! )

~ "overcooked" green beans

~ my own swim lane

~ grand work plan progress (the legacy, the passion!)
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~ finishing a 40 page comment response document

~ afternoon rain

~ swimming

~ friend time
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~ my laptop, which freezes and dies 10 to 12 times per day is still somewhat functioning
~ my next car insurance premium will be $200 less than my last premium
~ good swim
~ pictures of fiercely cute kittens on my phone
~ lots of birds at the feeder after I watered the landscaping
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~ the biggest task at work was filing a travel voucher
~ I do get travel credit for the non-flying time on the plane on Friday night
~ seeing my dear work friend for the first time in two weeks
~ receiving support for the grand work plan
~ giving no-longer-useful furniture a new home
~ pilates for the first time in a month
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~ I got decent sleep
~ my swimsuit still fits
~ I had a $5 bill in my wallet
~ there was an open parking spot
~ the dressing room was empty
~ there was a place to swim
~ I realized I needed to get gas before it was troublesome
~ girl kitty was not truly hurt from her fall behind the dryer
~ boy kitty has stopped hissing at her


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