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~ safe travels to Gatlinburg and back

~ time to celebrate life with dear friends

~ use my powers (humor, storytelling) for good

~ the most precious moments are the small quiet ones 
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~ figuring out array error line 117

~ remembering to refill meds

~ catching up with the intern

~ possibly getting oriented to the chaos

~ surprise phone call on the way home (validating)

~ dinner with dear friend

~ being brought the little black cord, repeatedly

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~ third time isn't always the charm, but it will do

~ admin right which disappeared overnight were reinstated

~ teleconference survival

~ program which has been broken for MONTHS, magically worked

~ lunch with a fabulous friend

~ quick turnaround on congressional

~ having an awesome friend to help make the hard choices

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~ fall weather

~ crockpot roast

~ lunch at regular place with good friend

~ possibly having my first round of PA stuff completed

~ dinner and dusty muffin laughs with good friend

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~ kitty pile

~ fall preview issue of favorite magazine

~ massage

~ knitting

~ razorback football

~ talking to friends

~ confusing political pollsters

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~ wonderful weather

~ decent sleep

~ lazy morning

~ shopping with a friend

~ vampire movie for 75 cents (Oh Edward!)

~ unclogging the bathtub drain

~ enjoying the current reading
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~ cool temperatures

~ under the blanket kitty snuggles

~ independent lens

~ parent trap on teevee

~ enough milk for one more bowl of cereal

~ easy drug refill at walmart

~ quiet time with dear friends

~ knit time

~ excellent episode of mad men
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~ cereal with bunches of oats and strawberries

~ vacuum that works

~ surprise momma visit

~ knitting with friends 
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 ~ morning chats with a friend

~ avoiding a bad conference call with a good conference call

~ having a backup lunch in the workplace freezer

~ comforting talk

~ adopted white kitty with stumpy tail
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 ~ lunch with dear friend

~ big project approved by ASA

~ healthy family
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~ project runway

~ sunday paper

~ homemade laundry soap

~ retail therapy

~ good parts of the movie

~ crappy mexican with wonderful friends

~ pharmaceuticals 
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~ sleep in my bed

~ kitty snuggle

~ dvr teevee

~ cereal with strawberries

~ great knit nite
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~ cheddar twist and blueberry muffin

~ easy drive to and from work site

~ lobstah with a dear friend

~ took the canolli

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~ healthy kitty yearly vet visit

~ surprised work friend with 12-pack of her hard-to-find drink

~ rain

~ a low-key evening on the couch
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~ pleasant dreamy sleep

~ warehouse 13, top chef

~ lunch with friend (blueberries? ok)

~ archival mail function

~ knit! (learned a new trick)

~ MOLLY in 12-16 hours
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~ safe flight

~ quick turnaround on travel voucher

~ Ford time

~ kitty love

~ new season of Project Runway

~ 36 hours to MOLLY
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~ filling my brain with interesting information

~ spending the evening with fabulous friends after 3 years apart
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~ vivid colorful dreams

~ cereal and diet coke

~ fabulous friends

~ mad men !
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~ 14 hours of solid sleep

~ baby dyson awesomeness

~ homebrew laundry soap

~ knit gathering full of laughter and new-to-me faces
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~ separating dreams from reality

~ boss brought breakfast

~ very understanding and supportive friend

~ chicken cheese and rice

~ staring down the brilliant dream

~ elementary school pictures

~ blackberries


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