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~ those who have served

~ kitty pile until noon

~ time to talk

~ remembering the coupons

~ safe and healthy arrival of the littlest funkhouser

~ dvr deluge (oprah! project runway! top chef just desserts!)

~ hearing that I may meet some of my mother's mother's family

~ hearing about a burlesque troop in town
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~ cereal with bunches of oats and strawberries

~ vacuum that works

~ surprise momma visit

~ knitting with friends 
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 ~ lunch with dear friend

~ big project approved by ASA

~ healthy family
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~ having my momma for another year

~ all of the blackberry cheesecake was eaten

~ having a fabulous hair stylist

~ crazy waves

~ good pilates class

~ dinner and talk with misshay & j
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~ more momma time

~ petit Jean peppered bacon

~ hair clippy things

~ my favorite lotion in travel size

~ blackberries in season

~ soft sheets
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~ day with my momma

~ fabulous shoes on sale in my size

~ really delicious food at YaYa's (gnocchi with roasted chicken, arugula, bleu cheese, spiced walnuts; shrimp and lobster club with bacon, lettuce, and herb mayo)

~ new vacuum

~ beautiful earrings

~ smaller jeans

~ making laundry soap
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~ lots of sleep

~ fabulous smelling homemade laundry soap

~ freshly painted exterior doors

~ franken-iphone back from the dead

~ received Indigo Girls new double live release

~ received swim cap

~ momma time

~ watching a striped kitty try to catch a fly
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~ time with my momma

~ knit nite

~ good cheeseburger

~ laughter with friends
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turkey taco salad tonight - firmly sitting on the wagon

kindergarten version chemistry book arrived today

brown sock ripped back to nothing - unexplainable hole appeared and all attempts to rip back to the hole were unsuccessful

family coming this weekend for birthday and holiday time together

Fake Henry came to the back door last night and hollered. When I opened the door, he ran up and over the fence.

finals week for my class - yay! summer break!
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^returned safely from Philadelphia

^saw very good work friend for a few minutes before the holiday weekend

^good sleep on Thursday evening - Friday morning

^car trapped in garage by very broken garage door - big meltdown

^got car-liberating help from [ profile] pearlbeachlady  and j (door still busted, but at least car is no longer hostage)

^re-injured back (garage door truly broken)

^kitten goodness

^momma & RB arrive

^good sleep Friday evening thanks to muscle-relaxing pills

^bacon goodness breakfast at ozark family restaurant

^purchased summer casual shirts

^met [ profile] heifer3  for $1.25 movie and cheap Burger King dinner
(Ghosts of Girlfriends Past - "You made your bed. Now you have to bang whatever crawls into it.")

^ate momma's leftover steak

^good sleep Saturday evening thanks to muscle-relaxing pills

^accompanied momma to cell phone store

^shopped for household stuff at Target

^talked about redo for office during vacation (first week of August)

^went to chris & lisa's house for holiday indoor picnic (got to meet the new-to-them dogs)

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In telling the story of my journey through Philadelphia from the airport to the hotel, I mentioned to my momma how awful and dirty it looked.

She said that was the same impression she got of Philadelphia.

Um. Momma? When were you in Philadelphia?

When she was engaged to Mr. Man I've Never Heard Of, and went to Philadelphia to meet his parents.

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A broad smattering of ideas.


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Apr. 28th, 2009 06:37 am
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Yesterday, someone dropped a puppy in my momma's yard while she was at work.

(Most of the town knows my momma, given that she's been a local nurse for over 40 years.  They know she'll take care of any critter that needs it.  She's been known to have a bag of cat food in the trunk of her car for animals of patients who are financially struggling.  She jokes that the local vet dropped it in her yard, knowing that she'll bring it in and pay for shots and neuter.)

Puppy is about 3 or 4 months old, black and white mix.

Roy spent most of the day with the dog: feeding it twice, letting it in the house, giving it a ride to the golf course, and naming it Skunky.

When she went out to get the morning paper, Skunky was sleeping on the doorstep.


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It's wonderful to sit on my couch with two cats on my lap.  They balance their time between my lap and the open windows.

Unpacked the suitcase and washed two loads of clothes.  One shirt  has grease splatter stains from the linguini with cream sauce, so I've washed it again.

Momma came to my house today with a truckload of mulch.  She worked the flower beds, making them nice and fresh for spring.

We ate lunch at the crappy mexican place, and then went to Home Depot.  I bought a wood glider for the back porch.  We assembled it.

I took pictures of the pomegranate bush and the daffodils that Molly gave to me.

I took some meds for a headache and took a long nap.
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(tonight, peewee football - watching five-year-olds attempting football for the first time should be fun)

Sept 12/13/14 - Contra/Folk/English Dancing in Mountain View

Sept 19/20/21 - Becoming an Outdoors Woman

Sept 26/27/28 - travel to NE Arkansas for family celebration

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I'm remodeling my kitchen.
Now that I've got the new stove and otr microwave, it's time for my beautiful glass mosaic tile and painting.

A friend went to Home Depot with me on Friday evening to guide me through purchases of mastic (?) and tools. Then we ate at the crappy mexican place down the street from my house.

My momma came to town. We traveled back to Home Depot to pick out grout, edging pieces for the glass tile, and tile for over-the-sink. Thanks to the previous owner, the peel-and-stick floor tile was hot glued to the wall.

 Removing said tile was difficult and ugly.  The wall will probably never be smooth enough to paint.

We held a strategy session in the kitchen, regarding paint colors. At the moment, I'm drifting away from the Disney color "Hundred Acre Raindrop" and toward a grey-ish purple. My momma stayed longer than originally planned (thanks to a trip to Target and a desire on her part for me to mow the yard while she worked the flower bed), so I missed knit nite.


I got a fabulous invite to [profile] pearlbeachlady 's house for kitty scritching, pie making, and chit-chatting. I hulled and quartered strawberries while she made pie crust and her man made vanilla ice cream.  I hand-washed dishes while they made corn chowder.  I got to see them dance dance and guitar hero, eventually giving both a try. (Hint: I shouldn't have dance danced, but I heard the call of YMCA.)  I returned home and crashed on the couch, watching tv with furry help.  By the time I got into bed, I was tired but not sleepy.  Not a good night for sleep.


I'm thinking about heading over to the War Memorial (Jim Dailey?) place to check on monthly pass costs, and doing the same for Bess Chisolm Y.  [personal profile] troy's post about swimming on Saturday made me wish for some time in the pool, especially with my test results showing that I have very little vitamin D in my body. (ick sunshine) Of course, I'm a big chicken, and it's hard for me to go places and _talk_ to people, much less start doing a new activity on a regular basis. (No [profile] heifer3 , I haven't gone back to pilates yet.);

My aunt's mexican surgery hasn't gone as well as planned.  She's scheduled to return to Missouri tomorrow. My momma wants to drive up to see her this coming weekend, but won't know until Thursday if she can get the time off work.  So this weekend I'll either be painting the kitchen, or driving a zillion miles round trip to see my aunt.

I'm worried that I'm a left-handed girl with a right-handed banjo.
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Three faucets and oven have been installed.

Appointment with fabulous doctor hal lasted TWO FREAKING HOURS and no definitive answer from the tests that he could run in the office.  Other test results won't be in for a day or two.

No, I haven't cooked anything yet.  Too much pressure.

I almost asked the doctor for a prescription for a kitten.  Because kittens make everything better.

off again

May. 8th, 2008 12:12 pm
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Fri and Sat at my momma's place.

May 11 - 16 Pittsburgh


Dec. 27th, 2007 09:16 am
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my schedule for the next few days:

Friday: Knit nite!
Saturday: to my momma's house to celebrate the step-grandmother turning 94
Sunday: to Memphis with W, to check out impressionist exhibits at the Brooks and Dixon museums, and to shop at the Williams/Sonoma outlet store
Monday: back at work, then get together at [profile] pearlbeachlady's place (can I invite [profile] tallgirl75?)
Tuesday: off work, plan to go through pile o' crap that needs sorting and shredding, to find phone number of banjo teacher
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I took a quick trip to Mountain View with my momma yesterday. We browsed at the Ironworks and then settled on the square with our lawn chairs for some bluegrass music. People who like to play just show up and play. Several groups play at the same time on the square, each with a small crowd. The first group we heard consisted of a rhythm guitar, stand-up-bass, mandolin, another rhythm guitar, and banjo. Two of the players had additional instruments with them, so they would switch out depending on the song. We took a break for dinner, and ate a rack of ribs at a weird little place a half-mile north of the square. When we went back to the square, I couldn't find a place to park. We drove down some side streets and found a small park where even more groups were playing music. We found a group that had a hammered dulcimer, stand-up-base, rhythm guitar, and a family of four small kids with instrument cases arriving. Soon, the three oldest kids (~12, ~10, ~8) had their instruments (fiddle and two mandolins). That group played the best classic bluegrass I've ever heard from a non-professional group. Ever. Those kids were absolutely amazing, and even more so that they were cloggers as well. Their momma was there, and you could tell that it's just their way of life. She wasn't playing an instrument, but you could tell that she could probably play anything she wanted to play. She also clogged a bit during a particularly festive song. The smallest kid (~6) just hung out with "pawpaw" and played in the dirt.


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