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I had a full week back at work, with a training trip to Louisville, Kentucky on Monday through Wednesday. I had the first post-spring-break class on Thursday. Saturday had a yard sale, yard work and house washing with momma and RB, and a very disappointing square dance jubilee down in Pine Bluff.

Today, I'm doing some work (big project has review comments and corrections due tomorrow), baking (cinnamon struesel coffee cake), and trying to satisfy a squawky black and white kitty.

I'm tired, even napping for a few hours yesterday and having decent (but short) sleep last night.

My dvr is filling up with tons of stuff that I just don't feel like watching.
I need to call the doctor tomorrow. One bottle of medicine ran out yesterday, and even though I could renew the current prescription, it's the wrong dosage. Foo. I thought I was more on top of this kind of stuff lately.

I'm loving the changes to my back yard. I need to give away the canopy/gazebo. If you want it, it is free. You just need to be able to break it down and transport it. I'm looking for a big tilting umbrella as the solution to my patio glider problem.
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It is a happy snow day in my house.

I slept late (11:20!).
I had a great bowl of cereal (red berries).
I posted class notes for next week.
I graded quizzes.
I posted quiz grades.
I wrote the next quiz.
I washed a load of dark clothes.
I sorted through a pile of mail.
I watched the sleet fall in the back yard.
I washed a sink full of dishes.
I watched 40 minutes of Up (before turning it off - I didn't like it).
I had a bowl of oatmeal.
I pondered Pilates.
I watched several episodes of Law & Order.
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stirring together ingredients for oatmeal white chocolate cookies

while listening to accoustic Indigo Girls (Poseidon and the Bitter Bug)

napping kitties within sight

anticipating seeing friends in a few hours

not worrying about going to work tomorrow
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sleep as long as I want/need

windows open and 80 degrees

read postsecrets

read the paper

watch horrible movie on Lifetime (Girl, Positive)

work on syllabus and schedule

go swimming

eat fajita meat, cheese dip, and rice

play wii

finish syllabus and schedule

watch NCIS

watch Mad Men
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got home from mini-vacation yesterday afternoon

the days after my last post weren't as wonderful as the first day
part of me wonders if it was like diminishing marginal utility, that each additional unit of vacation brings less additional happiness and relaxation than the last unit
but part of me knows that it was just 10+ kids at the pool, heat index of 103, back pain, and very little sound-proofing insulation between rooms that made the remaining time just less enjoyable

what I did enjoy in the last day and a half of my vacation:
shopping for luxury bedding on SALE at macy's (down comforter, three down pillows, bath sheets and hand towels)
shopping for fundamentals at the one store that carries my size and fabric preference, also on SALE and remembered to use the coupon my momma had in her purse
eating at a truly local texas dive, really enjoying the ribeye, grilled garlic butter shrimp, and blackberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream

after driving home, I took a nap on the couch with my kitties, and then went to a local japanese steakhouse for a double family birthday celebration

went to [ profile] pearlbeachlady 's house for some kitty loving

read twilight book #3 until I fell asleep

so today (I think) is Saturday, and I'm already dreading going back to the office
there's a long list of things that I _should_ be doing - if I want to be a responsible adult
washing the bed linens, washing the new towels, washing the vacation clothes, empty and put away suitcase (for the first time in 8 weeks), sorting through the bills and paying what has stacked up on the credit card, going through the pantry and sorting out all the crap that I will never eat, going to the grocery store to buy food that I will eat, getting out the textbook for the fall class (10 days away?) and starting to formulate the syllabus and general homework/quiz/online assignments strategy

what I am doing so far?
laying on the couch with a striped kitty between my legs
watching shows on the dvr (Mental, Warehouse 13, In Plain Sight, Saving Grace, L&O:CI, L&O:SVU)
playing mad scientist on facebook
wishing I had something to eat (and crappy mexican restaurant provided)
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^returned safely from Philadelphia

^saw very good work friend for a few minutes before the holiday weekend

^good sleep on Thursday evening - Friday morning

^car trapped in garage by very broken garage door - big meltdown

^got car-liberating help from [ profile] pearlbeachlady  and j (door still busted, but at least car is no longer hostage)

^re-injured back (garage door truly broken)

^kitten goodness

^momma & RB arrive

^good sleep Friday evening thanks to muscle-relaxing pills

^bacon goodness breakfast at ozark family restaurant

^purchased summer casual shirts

^met [ profile] heifer3  for $1.25 movie and cheap Burger King dinner
(Ghosts of Girlfriends Past - "You made your bed. Now you have to bang whatever crawls into it.")

^ate momma's leftover steak

^good sleep Saturday evening thanks to muscle-relaxing pills

^accompanied momma to cell phone store

^shopped for household stuff at Target

^talked about redo for office during vacation (first week of August)

^went to chris & lisa's house for holiday indoor picnic (got to meet the new-to-them dogs)

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morning appointment confirms that the little red bumps aren't imaginary

wrote a check to the college for the two accidental pay periods

long fabulous nap with two happy kitties (windows open!)

shopping at Target

pedicure *yay*


on the downside, a classmate of mine died
35 year old people shouldn't die of renal failure
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four episodes Pushing Daisies

one episode House

one episode The Mentalist

four episodes Grey's Anatomy

two loads laundry washed

6 pairs of pants ironed


no sunlight

no groceries purchased

no dishes washed

no class materials produced or graded
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After a night of very little sleep and a big fabulous day in Memphis, my body decided to hit the reset button.

I went to bed at 11 pm and I woke up at 1 pm (stupid phone would not stop ringing).

I showered and dressed just in time for a visitor at the door.

When the visitor left, I crashed on the couch for another few hours.

I've watched three hours of stuff on the dvr.  I washed the fuzzy blanket and one other load of laundry.

I'm reading the wedding announcements in the paper.

It's been a great do nothing kind of day.


Sep. 3rd, 2008 08:30 pm
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5:30 am - alarm goes off

6 am - power flickered

6:10 am - power to entire neighborhood goes out (Gustav: rain + wind = downed power lines)

7:00 am - unlatch garage door, lift garage door, back up 10 feet, stop

7:01 am - flat tire

7:02 am - drive into garage, call in to work

9:20 am - man from car place removes flat tire and mounts spare tire

12:15 pm - car place regains power, can find needed tire in inventory, can mount new tire

2:30 pm - return home (still no power)

5 pm - call [ profile] troy 

5:30 pm - take frozen goods to [ profile] troy 's house

6:00 pm - enjoy dinner, company, and howard at [ profile] troy 's house

7:00 pm - answer student email at [ profile] troy 's house

9:00 pm - return home (power returned)


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