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~ those who have served

~ kitty pile until noon

~ time to talk

~ remembering the coupons

~ safe and healthy arrival of the littlest funkhouser

~ dvr deluge (oprah! project runway! top chef just desserts!)

~ hearing that I may meet some of my mother's mother's family

~ hearing about a burlesque troop in town
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~ figuring out array error line 117

~ remembering to refill meds

~ catching up with the intern

~ possibly getting oriented to the chaos

~ surprise phone call on the way home (validating)

~ dinner with dear friend

~ being brought the little black cord, repeatedly

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~ new fall teevee

~ nap

~ knit

~ open windows make happy kitties

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~ kitty pile

~ fall preview issue of favorite magazine

~ massage

~ knitting

~ razorback football

~ talking to friends

~ confusing political pollsters

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~ cool temperatures

~ under the blanket kitty snuggles

~ independent lens

~ parent trap on teevee

~ enough milk for one more bowl of cereal

~ easy drug refill at walmart

~ quiet time with dear friends

~ knit time

~ excellent episode of mad men
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~ lots of happy dreams

~ morning snuggles from striped kitty

~ clearing movies from the dvr

~ knitting brown sock

~ favorite comic actor winning an Emmy 
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~ sweet kitties

~ pancakes, petit jean bacon, and diet coke

~ available technology 

~ affordable shoes

~ afternoon napping

~ hard cider
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 ~ remembering to obtain Pig Out Day food on the way to work

~ encouraging (but not confirming) grandworkplan message

~ looking online and seeing that my MW grandplan has changed to TR, and avoiding feeling foolish by showing up on the wrong night at the wrong time

~ two snuggle kitties
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 ~ morning chats with a friend

~ avoiding a bad conference call with a good conference call

~ having a backup lunch in the workplace freezer

~ comforting talk

~ adopted white kitty with stumpy tail
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~ sleep in my bed

~ kitty snuggle

~ dvr teevee

~ cereal with strawberries

~ great knit nite
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~ safe travels

~ waiting: confessions of a waitress

~ kitties
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~ healthy kitty yearly vet visit

~ surprised work friend with 12-pack of her hard-to-find drink

~ rain

~ a low-key evening on the couch
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~ sleep

~ lots of kitty snuggles

~ AMC now carried by uverse in my area

~ Hardly Strictly Bluegrass announces phenomenal lineup

~ free medicine (scan said I paid - I said I didn't - cashier shrugged)

~ delicious dinner and time with fabulous friend
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~ no sunburn!

~ buttered noodles with chicken for lunch

~ MOLLY!!!

~ safe flights

~ being home with kittays

~ finding the lilith finale song uploaded to youtube
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~ safe flight

~ quick turnaround on travel voucher

~ Ford time

~ kitty love

~ new season of Project Runway

~ 36 hours to MOLLY
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~ striped kitty played in the suitcase

~ leftover bbq lunch at work

~ {temporary censor}

~ interesting book

~ pizza and a pitcher of sangria with a good work friend
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~ found appropriate knit needles in my stash for baby project

~ easy morning commute (ah, Fridays in the summer)

~ finished the 50-page administrative record document at work

~ caught a significant oversight before Final Report went to print

~ tasty lunch with dear friend

~ settled insurance problem without drama in quick phone call

~ super awesome grandworkplan news

~ great swim (15 laps! new recent record)

~ kitty snuggles
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~ my own swim lane

~ blackberry reduction

~twitchy dreaming kitty next to me
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~ striped bed snuggler

~ plenty of teevee shows on the dvr

~ leftover lunch of grilled chicken and bbq pork

~ brown sock

~ fabulous dinner invitation
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~ lots of sleep

~ fabulous smelling homemade laundry soap

~ freshly painted exterior doors

~ franken-iphone back from the dead

~ received Indigo Girls new double live release

~ received swim cap

~ momma time

~ watching a striped kitty try to catch a fly


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