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it was good

I made chicken avocado salad
recipe )
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this week I have made:

coconut cake

oatmeal white chocolate cookies


garlic shrimp


and thanks to a great girls' night, I'm inspired to get out a baking book I purchased at the Leisure Arts sale
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I thought I would try to make potato-leek soup.

After chopping the leeks, I'm nauseated.
First homemade dinner effort  -  failure.
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Cooking with Cast Iron
Sunday, January 4
Now that the holidays are past, relax with warm comforting foods prepared using cast-iron cookware. You'll learn how to make the most of your cast-iron pieces with delightful yet simple recipes.

Classic French Food
Sunday, January 11
Learn how to make classic French fare that is ideal for cold-weather months, including a classic French onion soup and sweet and savory crepes, plus some easy techniques for creating bistro classics.

Indoor Grilling
Sunday, January 18
When the weather outside is frightful what could be more delightful than reminiscing and enjoying flavors from the grill.
This class offers great choices for indoor grilling, infusing smoky flavors and creating some “hot” meals for cold days!

Game Day Party Food
Sunday, January 25
As sports fans get geared up, we'll help you get ready with some sports party food. Learn
how to make panini pizzas, quesadillas, an easy guacamole and some fantastic chili-cheese fries. These recipes are sure to tear fans away from the TV and score a touchdown!
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Why yes, little squeak kitty, I am aware that there is a pot of boiling water on the stove with a chicken in it.

Yes.  A chicken.  In the pot. On the stove.

Right now.

Your outburst of tiny squeaks is noted.
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Knife Skills - October 5

Cookies & More - October 12

Roasting - October 19

Fall Soups - October 26
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I think I'll have to miss all of them, even though I really want to go to Sept 21

Sept 7 (missed already) Make-Ahead Meals

Sept 14  All Clad cookware

Sept 21 Comfort Foods

Sept 28 Cocktail Mixology
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For the Little Rock locals:

Another round of W/S free Sunday morning technique classes began a couple of weeks ago (last Sunday's class was chili), but I just saw the list yesterday. This Sunday's theme is Chocolate. The 10th is stocks. The 17th is soups. The 24th is one pot meals. Usually the sign-up lists are at the counter, next to the stove. The classes usually last an hour (from 11 to 12, but don't just trust my memory) and there's food to nibble at the end of the class.

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Thanks to TallGirl, I'm roasting a locally-grown all-natural chicken.

I've washed it, rubbed butter all over it, salt/peppered it, and chopped the garlic and shallots that I stuffed inside it. For the first time, I got a little burning-teary eye while chopping the shallots. I've never had the onion tear effect. Food Network is telling me to roast it for 45 minutes before kicking up the temperature for the final bit.

Lucky for me, I got an instant read thermometer (and a digital food scale, microplane spice grater, and a round cake pan) at Williams-Sonoma, so I can make sure that the chicken is done before I turn off the oven.

I found a couple of recipes for the spaghetti squash in my CSA basket. I think I'll try it tomorrow evening. I'm too tired to do it tonight. Especially if I'm going to make a pumpkin layer cake.


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