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Ree Drummond, also known as The Pioneer Woman, will be signing her cookbook at the Chenal Walmart today at 6pm.
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I got accepted into Becoming an Outdoors Woman!

I even got my first choice sessions (Intro to Firearms, Dutch Oven Cooking, Pioneer Woman Skills, and Shotgunning).
I get to share the experience with [ profile] pearlbeachlady .


I got four tickets and a front row table for Brandi Carlile concert in Fayetteville in October.  I have fallen hard for Ms. Brandi since she opened for the Indigo Girls in Little Rock last summer.  And who is opening for her?  AMY RAY.
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Family Fare (I don't cook for a family, but I'm looking forward to this one.)
Sunday, March 8
Spice up your family's favorite dishes with our new versions. You'll learn how to make cheesy meat loaf and sloppy joes that will have everyone begging for seconds.

Knife Skills 101 (I've done this one, so I won't go again.)
Sunday, March 15
Fresh vegetables and fruits will soon be plentiful again, so this is a great time to refresh your knife skills. Learn the basics of knife use, the differences between German and Asian knives, and how to care for your cutlery.

Basics of Baking (I'm also looking forward to this one. My baking bug is back)
Sunday, March 22
Timid about baking? This class will teach you how to correctly prepare pans; what folding, whisking, creaming and stirring mean; the stages of meringue making; and much more.

Springtime Baking (I want to go to this one, but I may have to be at the airport before 2pm.)
Sunday, March 29
Just in time for springtime celebrations, we'll be sharing some fresh baking ideas. Learn how to make classic pound cake and angel food cake – two seasonal favorites.
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I'm going.

Who else wants to go?

9am UALR University Theatre. Lasts about 2 hours.
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Chocolate Obsession,
Sunday, February 8

Simple Soups
Sunday, February 22

Chicken Essentials
Sunday, March 1

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If you're interested in any/all, let me know

% Saturday, Jan 10 - African Caribbean dance group taught by Sister Ife, former member of professional African Ballet troupes. All skill levels welcome, free, but donations appreciated. 4pm UALR Wesley Center. 960-4461

%Saturday, Jan 10 - Full Moon Drum Circle - 7pm, free, Faulkner County Library, 1900 Tyler Street, Conway 327-7482

% June 24 - July 12  Wicked: A New Musical, Orpheum Theatre, Memphis. Tickets on sale April 17.

%Tuesdays, Bellydance lessons, Unity Church, 6 to 7 pm. Price probably $10/class.
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Cooking with Cast Iron
Sunday, January 4
Now that the holidays are past, relax with warm comforting foods prepared using cast-iron cookware. You'll learn how to make the most of your cast-iron pieces with delightful yet simple recipes.

Classic French Food
Sunday, January 11
Learn how to make classic French fare that is ideal for cold-weather months, including a classic French onion soup and sweet and savory crepes, plus some easy techniques for creating bistro classics.

Indoor Grilling
Sunday, January 18
When the weather outside is frightful what could be more delightful than reminiscing and enjoying flavors from the grill.
This class offers great choices for indoor grilling, infusing smoky flavors and creating some “hot” meals for cold days!

Game Day Party Food
Sunday, January 25
As sports fans get geared up, we'll help you get ready with some sports party food. Learn
how to make panini pizzas, quesadillas, an easy guacamole and some fantastic chili-cheese fries. These recipes are sure to tear fans away from the TV and score a touchdown!
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tomorrow (nov 8) - Momma comes to town to help with the yard and other assorted house-related tasks

Sunday (nov 9) - hang out w/ [ profile] pearlbeachlady and her man, eat soup

Tuesday (nov 11) - Federal holiday! (sit on my couch, scritch kitties, watch stuff on the dvr)

Saturday (nov 15) - Leisure Arts sale, dinner with [ profile] tallgirl75 (?) and work friend, Reba & Kelly Clarkson concert

5 weeks until I go on a cruise!
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Saturday November 15
8 am - 1:30 pm  (gates open around 7:30 am)

Leisure Arts publishes for Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Southern Living, and Cooking Light under the name Oxmoor House.
They also publish books for Home Depot and Lowes regarding home improvement (plumbing, electrical, gardening).
Most of what they print are craft-related and scrapbooking supplies.
The November sale always has better stuff than the spring sale.

Holler if you're interested in riding with me.
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Sunday, November 2 - Turkey: From Start to Finish

Sunday, November 9 - Stuffing & Dressing

Sunday, November 16 - Holiday Side Dishes

Sunday, November 23 - Perfect Pies

Sunday, November 30 - Build-A-Bear Cake
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Silent Sunday is a fundraiser for the Arkansas School for the Deaf - for technology purchases.
Central Arkansas Independent Restaurant Operators serve tasting portions of their famous food.
I've attended two years (not consecutively) and rank the event as fabulous.
Tickets are $18 in advance, $20 at the door.
Wear pants with an elastic waist.  Some people bring cafeteria trays to hold the tasting portions.  It's that good.

Thanks to [ profile] heifer3  for alerting me of this year's event.

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Knife Skills - October 5

Cookies & More - October 12

Roasting - October 19

Fall Soups - October 26
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I think I'll have to miss all of them, even though I really want to go to Sept 21

Sept 7 (missed already) Make-Ahead Meals

Sept 14  All Clad cookware

Sept 21 Comfort Foods

Sept 28 Cocktail Mixology
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(tonight, peewee football - watching five-year-olds attempting football for the first time should be fun)

Sept 12/13/14 - Contra/Folk/English Dancing in Mountain View

Sept 19/20/21 - Becoming an Outdoors Woman

Sept 26/27/28 - travel to NE Arkansas for family celebration

what? when?

Mar. 9th, 2008 11:33 pm
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Pi day 3.14

Mr Rogers Sweater Day 3.20

Arkansas state spelling bee 3.22

Molly! 3.27-31

Square Dance Jamboree 4.5

Arkansas Literary Festival 4.4-6

The Queen QQUMC 4.11

Albuquerque 4.13-17

Nashville 4.20-24

Prairie Home Companion 4.26


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