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I came home from work.

I read my newest issue of Entertainment Weekly while gliding.

I trimmed back the beautyberry bush.

I snipped plenty of thorns on the pomegranate bush.

I got out the tuner, the finger picks, the book, and the banjo.  It's a start.
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Friday morning, I got up at my usual time and packed for a two-day vacation in Mountain View, Arkansas.
Mountain View is home to the Ozark Folk Center, a state park dedicated to preservation of Ozark heritage (craft, music, dance). I got to the center, and found my way to the first workshop (a bit late given my creative no-map-I'll-just-figure-it-out method of navigation), Southern Big Sets and then Unconventional Contras. One of the reasons that I love contra dancing is that everyone has fun. It was no different yesterday.

contra recap with photos )

It was in the Unconventional dancing that I got dizzy (dadgum swing-your-partner, circle left, swing your neighbor, ladies chain), and with complete lack of grace I fell flat on my ass. There wasn't much fuss, since I popped right back up and kept dancing.

Lunchtime came, and I headed to the sandwich shop with other dancers. I enjoyed a small peanut-butter-and-jelly with a really cold bottle of water. We had good conversation about others who were missing (heart attack, oh my).

I chose to take a nap after lunch rather than attend Long Lines, Short Dances. I went back out for Flamenco workshop.

flamenco with photos )

I then went to the Flatfoot & Buck dancing workshop. The leader from the first two contra classes is a well-known flatfoot and buck dancer from North Carolina. It was dark on that stage, so my photos didn't turn out well. I took some video with my camera, but I had my camera sideways (duh, can't turn the video counterclockwise like a photo).

I took the evening break and headed to the town square, looking for the little groups of musicians that always gather. After sitting for an hour, I gave up and went back to the folk center. Sadly, I realized that I missed the Jig Contest when I arrived at the auditorium early for the evening concert. The music was good; it makes me wonder if I want to take more weekend vacations in Mountain View since I enjoy it so much. After the concert, I headed back to the cabin. I realized that my right foot was having some sharp pain in the heel. I took a few ibuprofen and went to bed.

This morning, I knew my foot was in trouble. Instead of going to the contra classes and seeing the noon clogging show, I hobbled to the car and drove home. I've had an ice pack on my heel on/off throughout the day. Hopefully tomorrow I can walk on it without wincing. I need a speedy recovery, since Becoming an Outdoors Woman is next weekend.
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 I bought a banjo (Deering Goodtime Two Classic Resonator), and I ordered the banjo book (Earl Scruggs).  I should have the book today, and the banjo soon.
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One of the things that I've been thinking about for the last year has been obtaining and learning to play a banjo. When my momma and I drove up to Mountain Home for a day of local bluegrass music, I was entranced by a lady playing the banjo.   I had spent a lot of time on google trying to find any link to local banjo players, and was happy to find a local bluegrass band, Runaway Planet.  Further searching discovered the band playing at a local jazz club last night.  So I went.  At intermission, I talked to the banjo player, asking if he knew of any local banjo teachers.  He replied that he taught lessons, and would be glad to suggest a beginner banjo, a beginner book, and gave me his phone number to set up a lesson.



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