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2014-02-02 07:35 pm

6 weeks

I'm getting married in six weeks!
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2013-07-11 09:52 am


I am engaged. Plans are for a wedding in March.
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2011-07-10 07:11 pm

I didn't forget

I know it has been a month.

Were you truly expecting something?
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2011-06-24 01:25 pm

Cheese dip

Date: sept 24

Location: war memorial

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2011-06-12 10:27 pm

Indigo Girls 12june2011

Wolftrap - Virginia

It's Alright
Love of Our Lives
Heartache for everyone
Power of two
Sugar tongue
Fill it Up Again
Become You
Get Out the Map
(new Amy song) Share the Moon
Come on Home
Land of Canaan
What are you like
(Amy solo) judgement day (old spiritual?)
Let it be Me
Moment of forgiveness
Shame on you
(new Emily song) we get to feel it all
Closer to Fine

Second Time Around

(most magical concert under the stars at Wolftrap with Molly - truly a balm for my soul)

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2011-05-08 08:56 pm
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grateful 08may2011

~ safe travels to Gatlinburg and back

~ time to celebrate life with dear friends

~ use my powers (humor, storytelling) for good

~ the most precious moments are the small quiet ones 
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2011-05-02 08:48 pm
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grateful return

~ finding the grateful necklace after months of missing status

~ water cresting at 36 feet and not 41 feet

~ deep sleep

~ roadtrip in two days

~ finding the shuffle player in time for the trip

~ feeling in sync with music again

~ getting to share the meaningful music with a meaningful person

~ looking forward to another Indigo Girls concert
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2011-03-18 06:48 pm

Restaurant sign

Sign at restaurant:

1. Buy it with thought

2. Cook it with care

3. Use less wheat and meat

4. Buy local foods

5. Serve just enough

6. Use what is left
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2011-01-18 08:30 pm
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book escapes me

At some point in the last year, I saw an ad for a book.
It's non-fiction.
Government offices / bureaucracy
Including an office in Texas
And one somewhere in the Middle East

My google searching and amazon searching has been frustrating. 
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2010-12-29 03:30 pm
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 Your focus should turn toward examining how you react to things that are beyond your control. A lot of unpredictable energy is swirling around you right now, sending confusing signals to the people you love. Something may happen that you can't influence -- instead of feeling powerless or frustrated, take advantage of the situation and steer it in a direction that's better for you and your people. You do have some power in this situation, so use it.
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2010-12-08 10:29 pm
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grateful 8dec2010

~ toast with peanut butter and honey
~ neon sign on the horizon, rubbing elbows with the moon
~ not doing a phone call
~ scheduling an appointment for my back
~ holiday open house free food and punch
~ Sugar Bowl tickets
~ opportunity to do interesting things with new people
~ purring snuggle kitties
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2010-12-07 06:12 pm
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grateful 7dec2010

~ shiny red shoes
~ diet coke
~ understanding talk guy
~ online shopping
~ fuzzy blanket on the couch
~ cold weather kitty piles
~ knowing that evil black cat had the best possible life

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2010-12-02 10:34 am

No luggage

They didn't have what I wanted at a price I wa ms willing to pay.

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2010-11-28 04:17 pm

back up luggage?

Luggage is on sale for 50% off this week and there is a coupon for an additional 20% off sale items.
My current luggage set is good. Should I purchase a second set while it is on sale, given my travel schedule for the next year?

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2010-11-15 03:18 pm
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grateful 15nov2010

~ plenty of time to read the next assigned book for grandworkplan

~ law and order marathon to help me sleep

~ free breakfast

~ sitting between hydrologists

~ fabulous handknit fingerless gloves

~ spaghetti and meatballs for lunch

~ writing and sending my book review (two weeks ahead of deadline)

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2010-11-14 07:19 pm
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grateful 14nov2010

~ remembering to check the bin of cat food in the garage

~ enjoying hair cut and color

~ easy flights

~ time to read a good book

~ having a back-up book

~ resting at the hotel

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2010-11-13 10:39 pm
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grateful 13nov2010

~ time to sleep and give the injured back some rest

~ yarn night
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2010-11-12 08:07 pm
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grateful 12nov2010

~ held a puppy while having my hair colored

~ realized the pharmacy shortcounted the medicine Before driving home

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2010-11-11 09:23 pm

grateful 11nov2010

~ those who have served

~ kitty pile until noon

~ time to talk

~ remembering the coupons

~ safe and healthy arrival of the littlest funkhouser

~ dvr deluge (oprah! project runway! top chef just desserts!)

~ hearing that I may meet some of my mother's mother's family

~ hearing about a burlesque troop in town
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2010-11-11 11:31 am


 stupid project runway finale